Stamina, also called Physical Combat Gauge[1] or Combat Gauge is a mechanic introduced in Resident Evil 6.

Resident Evil 6

The stamina gauge in the UI, in this instance, one bar has been used.

Players have a stamina gauge that will deplete depending on which actions are done, these include: melees, dashing and quick shots. If the gauge is empty, the player can't perform any actions that require stamina.

The stamina will build itself up over time automatically unless the player is running, opening doors, getting hit, or doing an action that requires stamina. There are other ways to regain stamina quickly, such as standing still while either standing up or on the ground (the latter refills the gauge faster), taking cover, using a health tablet, and in the Extra Content modes, taunting will completely refill the gauge even if it was entirely empty.

There is a Skill that increases the size of the stamina gauge called Combat Gauge Boost, this skill is only available in the campaign however.

No Stamina Attack.

When the whole gauge is depleted, the player can now only perform the "No Stamina Attack" when pressing the melee button, which deals a very little amount of damage. In the Extra Mode Survivors, having no stamina will leave the player vulnerable to Coup de grâces, as having no stamina will give a prompt to enemy players to do so. The "No Stamina Attack" can instantly kill any downed players in this mode.

Having no stamina also disables the player from running, which is not an action that uses stamina when available. While the player can't normally dash with no stamina, there is a way to bypass this by dashing after a reload.[2]

Although being categorized as a melee, a counter does not deplete stamina. In Survivors, a Flash Grenade will instantly deplete a player's stamina gauge.

Stamina is also present in the Agent Hunt mode, depending on the creature or mutation being played, sprinting will use up the stamina. Just like in the campaign, one of the Skills allows players to have a larger stamina bar in this mode.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Although never mentioned in any in-game file or manual, a stamina system is present in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 but only when the player runs for a certain amount of time, the character will become unable to sprint and will perform a unique "tired" animation while moving/standing still. This mechanic is present in both Campaign and Raid Mode.

All other actions such as: melee, evade, pushing, climbing up or down will not use up the hidden stamina.


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