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"A carving of the star."
— 1996 Item examination.

The Star Crest is a key item in Resident Evil.


In the original 1996 game, the Director's Cut and Deadly Silence, the Star Crest is used to gain access to the shed and, by extension, the courtyard. In the 2002 remake, it is instead placed in a slab against a gravestone in the courtyard cemetery to recover the Magnum Revolver.


  • In the original Resident Evil, the crest is recovered from the Portrait room on Mansion 1F after solving the puzzle.
  • In Director's Cut, the Arrange Mode instead places it in Dining hall, hidden inside the statue in place of the blue jewel.
  • In the remake, the Star Crest is hidden in a slab directly besides where it is to be placed.[1]



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