The station transformer room (駅変電施設 eki henden shisetsu?)[1] is an area of NEST that is featured in Resident Evil 2. This area is the last time where T-00 will be encounter in Scenario B.



In order to supply power to the train the player must use the Joint N and S Plugs on the power supply box over in the corner. The mutated T-00 will subsequently reappear for the final showdown with the player. The player must be quick and carefully, as the creature will run and use its cheap, deadly attacks against him/her. After damaging him enough, the mysterious figure will throw down a Rocket Launcher, allowing Leon or Claire to finish off the Tyrant for good.


Location Localization Original Script
Generator A high yield generator that supplies power for the inside facilities and the train. The high capacity plugs have been disconnected and the generator is not working.
After putting both Plugs "The emergency mode has been activated. The power supply will be cut temporarily. The emergency train will be activated upon restoration of the power."
Generator (Once power is supplied) The power already has been supplied to the train!




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