Steel Beast is a stage present in The Mercenaries and all additional contents in Resident Evil 6. It is known in the Japanese version as Edonia - viaduct (イドニア 高架橋 idonia-kō kakyō?). The map is based on the Bridge encountered in Chris Chapter 2.



The following scores are attributed to the BIOHAZARD 6 Official Complete Guide.[1]

Enemy Score
J'avo 300
Glava-Smech 500
Ruka-Srp 500
Ruka-Bedem 500
Noga-Let 500
Noga-Skakanje 500
Telo-Eksplozija 500
Napad (boss) 1500
Gnezdo (boss) 3000

Hidden Boss

The Hidden Boss in this stage is the Gnezdo and for it to spawn the player needs to kill 25 enemies with a Coup de Grace before the kill count reaches 80.

In addition, all Napads that spawn after 60 combo are considered bosses.

Time Bonus and Combo Bonus locations

This map contains seven time bonuses and three combo bonuses.

Time Bonuses
Combo Bonuses




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