"Aim for the highest score on the "Steel Beast" stage in The Mercenaries! The top scorers win a suitable prize. Have you memorized the layout yet?"
— RE.NET description

Steel Beast Dominator 6 was an online event for Resident Evil 6, hosted by RE.NET from 12–16 January 2017.


To be entered, players had to clear the "Steel Beast" Mercenaries stage with at least a B rank on a single-player match. In the event two or more players had the same score, they were awarded the same rank.

The top three ranks on each console earned 30,000, 25,000 and 20,000 RE points, each. Ranks 4-100 earned 10,000 points, and all other participants were guaranteed 5,000 RE points.


The top three players on each console are as follows:

PlayStation 3
Rank Name Points
1 Fragile 1547607
2 yuubon_2817 1405401
3 gamapyoko 1364701
Xbox 360
Rank Name Points
1 ruyruy 1508007
3 クロネコ 1307003
Rank Name Points
1 Son Of KheOps 1656388
2 psychedelist 1554006
3 JerryCloud 1514851


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