The steel tower is a massive frame above the island.


This area is filled with Steel, presumebly a construction was develop here.


A cutscene was played immediately after reaching this place, while Ada was hanging, Saddler attempt to control Leon using the parasites, though ineffective because Leon already expose it. Leon cut Ada loose, before Saddler would mutated himself.

The main idea is to shoot the eyes that is located in Saddler's leg joints, which stuns it temporary before Leon can jump onto Saddler's main eye and knife it. Another tactic is to lure it toward the lever, where Leon can pull the lever that allow the steel to ram onto it. Repeately doing and a cutscene will show Ada Wong handed a Rocket Laucher (Special) which Leon must obtained and shoot it toward Saddler. Once the monster is defeated, Leon grabbed the Plaga sample only to be threaten by Ada who wants it. Ada would distract Leon, where she would jump into a helicopter, giving him a Jet-ski key before flies away. Once done, a timer will automatically set for three minutes.

In separate ways, upon being set loose by Leon, Ada will try to get the Rocket Launcher at the far side while a number of Ganados militia will attempt to stop her. She will use her grappling hook to reach far ahead before lending the Rocket Launcher to Leon. During the ending, she store the plaga inside a case before looking at the sunset.


Location Action Localization Original script
The elevator during the fight CHECK It's not working! The emergency system's been activated.





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