The sterilization room[1] is an area of the Antarctic Base.


It links to the Ant hill room on level B6 via an elevator.



Examining the pictures clockwise

Location Localisation Original Script
Picture in the middle It's a picture of a chubby woman.
Picture 1 on the right side It's a picture that gives a dark impression. There's nothing strange about it.
Picture 2 on the right side A beautiful oil painting.
Picture 2 on the left side There's nothing strange.
Picture 1 on the left side It's a picture of beautiful scenery.
Woman statue "A woman drawing water".
Door to the main hall It's locked. A biohazard symbol is carved by the key hole.
Crack near the shelf It's cracked.
Map from the statue Take the map of the lab? >Yes No

You got the map of the Antarctic lab.

Hanging suits It appears to be a protective suit.
Tiger statue Take the jewel? >Yes No

Which jewel? >Left Right
It seems to work by electric power.

Tiger statue (missing eye) It's a statue of a tiger. A jewel is missing. Put the jewel back? >Yes No




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