Steve's Chafe is a cutscene in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


Steve Burnside: "Chris Redfield..."

Claire Redfield: "What are you doing here?"

Steve: "Chris Redfield... is he a relative of your's or something?"

Claire: "You mean my brother?"

Steve: "Ahh... you're siblings."
"Well, it seems your brother is under surveillance by Umbrella."

Claire: "What?!"
"I got to connect Leon and tell him to let my brother know he's being monitored."
"It's a good thing I have access to an outside connection from here."

Steve: "Well that file shows the latitude and longitude of this place."
"Ha! Why don't you send your brother the coordinates and ask him to come help."

Claire: "Thanks! I'll do that!"

Steve: "Hey! I was just kidding!"
"There's no way he could get here, even if he is your brother."

Claire: "Yes he can. I'm sure of it."

Steve: "No way!"
"He won't come!"
"You'll end up disappointed if you rely on others!"
"Believe me! I know!"

Claire: "What was that all about?"

Steve Burnside: クリス・レッドフィールド…

Claire Redfield: そこで何してるの?

Steve: クリス・レッドフィールドってあんたの親威かい?

Claire: 兄さんがどうかしたの!?

Steve: ふぅん    兄妹なんだ
あんたの兄貴    アンブレラに監視されてるぜ

Claire: 何ですって!?
よかった    外部アクセスできる

Steve: そこのファイルでこの基地の場所が分るぜ

Claire: そうね    そうするわ

Steve: じょうだんだよ

Claire: 兄さんなら来てくれる絶対に!

Steve: ウソだ!
あんたは    何も分っちゃいねぇ!

Claire: 何なの    今の?


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