Steve Burnside is a Character card, appearing in the Deck Building Game's "Alliance" expansion deck.


Steve has only 70 Health, but makes up for this with his abilities. His Level 1 effect allows him recover 10 Health at the beginning of each turn. His Level 2 effect works the same way, but with an added twist. The player using Steve must discard the Action card "Uroboros Injection (AC-018)" from his or her hand to not only recover Steve's health by 20 but also increase his base damage by 30. His abilities make sense in the context of his role in Resident Evil's story, but his infection did not involve the Uroboros Virus. Interestingly enough, Steve and the second Claire Redfield card work very well together. Both of their abilities involve recovering health and increasing their base damage. This was most likely deliberate on the part of the game's creators, since they are both protagonists of Resident Evil Code: Veronica.


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