Steve mutates is a cutscene (tentative) in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.

Plot Edit

In this scene, Steve Burnside succumbs to the effects of the T-Veronica virus that infected him during Alexia Ashford's experimentation on him. This leads him to transform into a grotesque monster that chases Claire Redfield with the desire of killing her. However, upon finally reaching his chance, his human personality retakes control as his body begins to reject the virus. In his take-over, he attacks one of the tentacles that Alexia has taken telepathic control over; the tentacle reacts by thrashing him against a concrete wall. Steve's body finally cures him just before he dies admitting his love for Claire.

Transcript Edit

Claire: "Aaaaah!"
Steve: "CL...CLAAAAIRE..."
Claire: "Oh, Steve..."
Steve: "You're...warm."
Claire: "'ve got to hang in there, okay? Uh, my brother's come to save us. We're getting out of here."
Steve: "Your brother kept his promise. I'm sorry I cannot..."
Claire: "What...? What are you saying...?"
Steve: "I'm glad that I met you... I..."
"I love you. Cl...Claaaaaire..."
Claire: "Steve...? Steve? Steve!?"

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