Still Alive (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


Albert Wesker makes a sudden appearance to Chris from behind, starting from a laugher to starting a conversation while Wesker was hitting him. In the middle of it, Chris hits him back knocking off his glasses which reveals his "different" eyes, Wesker mentioned Claire's location to him before killing him but he got interrupted by the appearance of Alexia on the screen which took Wesker's attention.
He threw Chris towards one of the capsules, shattering it and causing it to release its test subject, which proceeded to attack Chris.


Albert Wesker: "Long time no see Chris."

Chris Redfield: "Wesker?! Still Alive?!"
"What are you doing here?"

Wesker: "I came for Alexia."

Chris: "Who?"

Wesker: "An organisation hired me to capture her."

Chris: "Wait, you attacked the island! And my sister!"

Wesker: "You have no idea how much I hate you. You destroyed my plans, so now I sold my soul to a new organisation. Now die."
"Here's a little secret, Chris. I figured out that your sister is now in the Antarctic with Alexia. It's too bad you'll never be seeing her again."

アルバート・ウェスカー: "久しぶりだな、クリス"

クリス・レッドフィールド: "ウェスカー!? ・・・生きていたのか!?"

ウェスカー: "目的は、アレクシアだ"

クリス: "何?"

ウェスカー: "彼女を捕らえるために雇われた"

クリス: "それじゃあ、ここを襲ったのは、お前か。 まさか、クレアも・・・!"

ウェスカー: "お前が憎い、八つ裂きにしても足らないほどな。 お前が俺の計画を打ち壊した・・・ だから、俺は新たな組織に魂を売った。 ここで 死ね!!"
"最後に教えてやる。ここのデータからお前の妹は南極にいることが分かった。そしてアレクシアもな。 残念だな、妹に会えずに死ぬとはな"


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