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The Storage Facility is an area in Resident Evil 5.


It is essentially a warehouse, where a few military vehicles are parked. This is where Chris and Sheva radio contact with the BSAA Headquarters before they continue their journey.


This is the starting area of Chapter 2-1. There are few rats, a H&K MP5 in a case, and a BSAA Emblems in plain sight in the area. A few crates can be broken here to obtain either gold or ammunition. The BSAA Emblems, Directions for Partner, and Item Menu documents are all in the room. During solo play, the AI partner will automatically wait by the exit of the room which leads to The Bridge.


Location Action Localization Original Script
BSAA jeep Investigate It's a BSAA operations vehicle. Must be busted 'cause the engine won't start.
Alpha team jeep Investigate This is Alpha Team's operations vehicle. Forget using it. The engine won't start.



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