Storage Locker Terminal Memo (ロッカー用の端末について Rokkā-yō no tammatsu nitsuite?) is a file in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


The file is on a brown desk immediately to the left when entering the Safety Deposit Room.


Storage Locker Terminal Memo

It appears that the keypad to the lockers terminal is missing a few keys. I suggest that the person responsible for this mess find some spare keys and fix this RIGHT NOW.

(You know who you are, bastard. Who else'd fuck it up this badly!?)


キーを破壊した職員は、 予備キーを使用し、“今すぐに!!”端末を修理してください。
(犯人はわかってるからな! この馬鹿力!)


Official English localization

Original Japanese script

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