Story 1: Bloodthirsty is a stage in the "Story Mode" of Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition, the iOS and Android adaptation of Resident Evil 4. It is based on the section Chapter 1-1 where Leon enters the village center, though it lacks some of the buildings such as the tower, while the buildings themselves cannot be explored.

Upon completing this level, the player will unlock the Shotgun Mercenaries stage.


"The nightmare begins! Leon, infiltrating the village, takes on the Ganados!"
— Official description


The "Playing Manual 1" and "Info on Ashley" files are unlocked automatically upon starting this level. "Playing Manual 2" can be found in a wooden box behind the barn - the first building to the left. If the player does not have the Shotgun, it can be found in one of the wooden boxes on the two story house's "balcony" (where Leon would have jumped out to in the console version).

There are two treasure items in this map. There is a Spinel (1000₧) above the barn door. A Pocket Watch (Dirty) (5000₧) is on the roof of the two story building, near the ladder. The ladder will have to be raised first to obtain it.

Villager Ganado make up the standard enemy type, with Chainsaw Man serving as a boss. He will drop the Ruby (5000₧) treasure item.


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