Story 5: Rescue Ashley is a stage in the "Story Mode" of Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition, the iOS and Android adaptation of Resident Evil 4. It is based on the ending of Chapter 2–1 in the console version.


"Leon infiltrates the church successfully. Where could they be holding Ashley...?"
— Official description


A map of the church.

Upon entering the Church, Leon will be spotted by several Ganado. One will jump down onto the ground in front of you. Killing him will give you the "Insignia Key". Heading up the ladder, walk to the door and use the key to get inside. After a cutscene, you will now have Ashley as a partner character, who can be commanded to stay or follow. If you take too long to get out of Ashley's cell, a Ganado will barge in to attack. Take Ashley down the ladder (catching her as she jumps) and to the door, ending the level.

There are two treasure items in this level. A Spinel can be taken off from Saddler's portrait on the second floor if the player decides to jump with the chandelier. A 5 Pearl Bangle be shot from underneath the chandelier itself.


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