The Striker is a Shotgun in Resident Evil 4. It is an upgradable weapon.


The Striker is the third and final shotgun available to the player. It is purchased for the price of 43,000. The Striker takes up 10 spaces (5x2) of Leon's inventory, making it the most compact of all the shotguns with high Firepower, quick reload time, and much quicker Firing Speed. Compared to the other two shotguns, the Striker's damage decreases sharply with range, even while at ranges where other shotguns will still be doing full damage and have full knockback power

Although it does not perform as well as the Riot Gun in terms of distances, it still packs more power than the other shotguns at close range, though keep in mind the range is extremely poor and a lot shorter than one would think, resulting in potentially being much closer to enemies than one may be comfortable with. The Striker has the highest Ammo Capacity and its Exclusive Upgrade allows it to hold 100 shells, essentially eliminating the need to reload.

Tune up chart

Firing Speed and Reload Speed are given in seconds. The Striker's fully upgraded firespeed is 0.73 in US Gamecube version and 1.10 seconds in all ports.

It takes a total of 392,000₧ to buy and fully upgrade the Striker.

Level Firepower Cost Firing Speed Cost Reload Speed Cost Capacity Cost
1 6.0 N/A 0.73 N/A 3.00 N/A 12 N/A
2 7.0 25,000₧ 2.40 8,000₧ 14 10,000₧
3 8.0 28,000₧ 1.67 15,000₧ 16 12,000₧
4 9.0 32,000₧ 20 16,000₧
5 10.0 40,000₧ 25 18,000₧
6 12.0 60,000₧ 28 25,000₧
Exclusive 100 60,000₧


  • Examine Description: Striker
"Equipped with the advantages of wide-shot, it enables faster firing than the standard shotgun."


  • With the exclusive upgrade of a 100-round capacity, this allows the player to save a lot of space in their attaché case since shotgun shells can only stack 15 at a time. Even better, when the upgrade is purchased, Striker will gain the full 100 shells magazine, essentially providing a bunch of free ammunition.
  • The damage on the Striker is quite deceiving. At ranges where the other shotguns are doing full damage and knocking enemies on the ground, the Striker does less than half damage and won't even stagger enemies. That being said, it is best used on crowds of enemies or at point blank range where full damage is guaranteed, though this does require getting dangerously close to enemies as the range prior to dropping damage is abysmally short.
  • The Striker is the only shotgun available to Leon that is fired from the hip. This can make it more difficult to line up headshots if the player equips the Striker in case of an emergency. The player may want to pre-emptively equip the Striker when anticipating certain battles or enemies.
  • The Striker can become somewhat of a liability due to its short range which can make fighting certain enemies extremely hard due to not being able to stagger them like the Chainsaw Men or El Gigante's. That being said, the Striker does shine in segments where enemies have lower than normal health where this isn't much of an issue and the pellets will cause stagger due to their lower health such as the minecart ride.


Further notes

  • A glitch can be performed with this weapon known as the Ditman glitch.
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