"Can be combined with other items to change their properties. Stronger than normal Chem Fluid."
— Item examination

Strong Chem Fluid is an item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The Strong Chem Fluid has the same purpose as its normal variant, but can create even stronger First Aid Meds and ammunitions. Compared to the normal variant, the Strong Chem Fluid is usually hard to find.


1 Strong Chem Fluid + 1 Herb = 1 Strong First Aid Med
1 Strong Chem Fluid + 1 Gunpowder = 10 Enhanced Handgun Ammo
1 Strong Chem Fluid + 1 Solid Fuel = 2 Flame Rounds
1 Strong Chem Fluid + 1 Supplements = 2 Neuro Rounds



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