"Strong recovery medicine. Completely restores health."
— Inventory description

The Strong First Aid Med (回復薬 (強) kaifukugusuri (tsuyoshi)?) is an item that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The Strong First Aid Med heals the player completely. They can be found throughout the game but are scarce. The player can create a Strong First Aid Med by combining a Herb with a Strong Chem Fluid. 3 can be stacked into one inventory space. They can be used during gameplay by pressing the designated "Use First Aid" button.

A First Aid Med or Strong First Aid Med must be used to stop the player from bleeding to death if their leg is cut off.

Using a Strong First Aid Med will add to the "Healing Items Used" counter in the Stats screen.


In Nightmare, the Strong First Aid Meds are made available to craft starting at 300 Scrap after the player unlocks the "Strong First Aid Med" reward by accumulating 1,500,000 Points.

Jack's 55th Birthday

Ethan Must Die

In Ethan Must Die, Strong First Aid Meds can be found in 2-star crates.


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