Stuart's Memo - Claire Redfield is a file in Resident Evil Revelations 2.


Earned when acquiring the Collector (Episode Three) record. (Find all of the Tower Emblems in Episode Three.)


Out of the candidates in this current round of testing, No. 02 Claire Redfield displays an extraordinary amount of compassion.

Among the most notable examples is her saving Sherry Birkin from certain death during the Raccoon City Incident. Sherry is the daughter of William Birkin, the scientist who developed the G-Virus. With Sherry having been infected herself, it would have been easy to simply let the child die.

Having become a host for the G-Virus, Sherry was placed under strict government control. Claire continued to care for her, visiting her frequently, and the two developed a friendship that continues to this day. According to my sources, the protective care that Sherry is under will be ending soon, but I was not able to ascertain the reason why.

Another notable example of Claire's compassion is during the Harvardville Incident in 2005. Claire took it upon herself to protect a little girl during the attack, even jumping into an area filled with hostiles without a weapon in order to rescue her.

Claire is also close with candidate No. 6, Moira Burton. Claire is very close to the Burton family. As Claire is an orphan, it seems that Barry has become a father-like figure for her. As such, Claire has developed a sister-like relationship with Barry's two daughters, and Moira in particular. Following a certain incident in the Burton household the relationship between Barry and Moira became strained. As Moira became more rebellious she often turned to Claire for advice and support. Claire has undoubtedly become a figure of admiration and respect for Moira.

With Moira also involved in the experiment it will be interesting to see how her relationship with Claire develops, and what role Claire's compassion will play in her emotional responses. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing it all play out.

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