Stuart's Memo - The Wesker Project is a file in Resident Evil Revelations 2.


Earned when acquiring the Collector (Episode Four) record. (Find all of the Tower Emblems in Episode Four.)


The Master's plans are on the eve of their completion. Despite having cut ties with her benefactor, she strives to accomplish his goal of a new world order. I find it somewhat ironic that Albert Wesker worked towards the same goal as well. Hard to believe he met his unfortunate end only two years ago.

His death leaves the Master as the last of the Wesker Project, a project meant to create an advanced breed of humans who would create a new world order. Children were taken from their homes and put through extreme trials in order to forge a new, advanced race. All would perish except for two--specimens 012 and 013, Alex and Albert Wesker.

Albert worked for many years under Spencer's tutelage as a researcher at the Umbrella Corporation. He was successful in creating bio-organic weapons, and played a large part in the Mansion Incident and the subsequent Raccoon City Incident.

Albert would continue to develop B.O.W.s and use them in bioterror incidents. The world would come to know the name of Wesker and tremble in fear at it.

In 2006, with his own plans coming to fruition, Albert confronted Spencer and killed him, deeming his existence unnecessary. Through a partnership with Tricell in 2009, Albert successfully developed the Uroboros virus. As Spencer before him, he planned to use the virus as a method of creating a new breed of human, killing off all who were unworthy in the process. His plans were foiled when he met his unfortunate end at the hands of BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar.

Though Master Alex is not Albert's blood kin, the two seemed to share a common bond through their experiences and position as the only surviving Wesker Children. Master Alex was deeply saddened at the news of Albert's death. Upon learning of Albert's death, Master Alex called for me. "We must begin our plans for the transfer ceremony. There is no time to waste." Once Master Alex gains immortality she will finish what Albert started. Of course, this all started with Spencer, who wished to create a new world. Though Spencer's dream will come true, it is Master Alex who will realize it.

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