The Stun Rod is a melee weapon which appears in Resident Evil 6. The Stun Rod is Sherry Birkin's starting weapon alongside the Triple Shot.


Like the knife, it deals minimal damage when hit. However, the Stun Rod can be charged to make Sherry perform more powerful hits. The power of the charge hit varies depending on how long the player charges it. Longer charges deal more damage and also stun the enemy. While charging the Stun Rod, Sherry moves slowly leaving her vulnerable to attacks. It is also recommended to use this weapon against enemies who don't wield firearms. Sherry's Stun Rod is also very useful to destroy any Chrysalids before they hatch into Complete Mutants.


Stun Rod description

Additionally, Sherry's evasive movements will also change. Instead of diving to either left or right, Sherry will sidestep to avoid attacks. Sherry will also spin backwards while swinging her Stun Rod attempting to hit an enemy instead of being on her back. However, she is still able to dive forward.

In The Mercenaries, Sherry is equipped with this weapon alongside the Triple Shot and the Lightning Hawk in her default costume as one of her main load-outs.

Further notes

  • The sound files of the Stun Rod in Resident Evil 4 were re-used in Resident Evil 6 when Sherry holds the Stun Rod in its charging position.



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