"This weapon temporarly immobilizes opponents with a potent discharge of electricity."

The Stun Rod is a melee weapon which appears in Resident Evil 5.


The Stun Rod is a weapon of choice for the Base Majini in the late stages of the game, as it is carried by most soldiers. The Stun Rod is as deadly as it was before, dealing massive damage to the player. However, it is more dangerous than ever before, because it can easily eliminate players when combined with the improved AI and AK-74-wielding Majinis, as well as being able to send the player to Dying status in a single blow in Professional. Thus, extreme caution should be exercised when dealing with rod Majinis.

The Stun Rod may be purchased for 3000 Gold after Chapter 2–3. It holds the honor of being the only melee weapon in RE5. Compared to the knife, the Stun Rod has a slower swing, but deals extreme damage to the target, often preventing a Plaga from coming out of the body. Standard enemies, normally, will be critically damaged or instantly killed with a single shock. However, stronger enemies like the Executioner Majini and the Chainsaw Majini are more likely to withstand the normally deadly discharge. Enemies stunned are open targets to reaction commands.

It is one of the few weapons that doesn't makes an appearance in The Mercenaries minigame, but it is used in The Mercenaries Reunion by Chris in his Heavy Metal costume.

Further notes

  • The Stun Rod has the power to stun a Reaper due to the electricity (should be done with caution - the Reapers have an instant kill blow) and this can be used as a great opening to shoot the weak spot. The Electric Rounds from the Grenade Launcher have the same effect.
  • Every time Heavy Metal Chris defeats an enemy with the Stun Rod in The Mercenaries Reunion, the player is awarded with a + 5 second bonus. This is similar to an enemy being defeated with a melee attack.



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