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The Sturm was a Soldat in Resident Evil: Village with an aircraft engine in place of its torso.


Sturm is one of Heisenberg's many experiments with implanting mechanical components and the Cadou parasite into test subjects. Sturm differed greatly from other subjects; instead of arm-mounted drills, its main weapon is a massive shredding device that replaces its head and torso, rendering it extremely dangerous in a head-on charge. However, Heisenberg considered Sturm to be a complete failure; it was practically uncontrollable and possessed very limited intelligence; at some point, it managed to lose its arms to its own propeller. As a result, Heisenberg kept Sturm in the lower levels of his factory as a guard/executioner, occasionally shouting at it to be quiet when its revving engine disturbed his train of thought.


Sturm was created in the same manner as its fellow Soldats, being a human augmented with extensive cybernetics and powered by a Cadou parasite. Its most notable feature is the massive turboprop engine mounted on its torso, with three chainsaw blades that essentially turn it into a lethal walking rotary fan. Unlike most Soldats, its reactor exhaust was located on its back instead of the front.

Despite its top-heavy design and lack of arms (the latter apparently being due to it sticking them into its own propeller), Sturm seems to have no difficulty walking and running around. Heisenberg's notes describe it as having very low intelligence, although it still seems cognizant enough to recognize his voice and obey his commands.


The Sturm is encountered multiple times in the Factory, with most encounters being chase sequences. Its final appearance is a proper battle in a series of narrow corridors; however, Sturm can (and probably will) smash most of the walls during the fight, giving Ethan more room to maneuver.

The Sturm's main attack is to charge towards the player, dealing massive damage on contact. One charge is usually enough to knock down the player; on higher difficulties, it's an instant kill. Fortunately, it can't turn mid-charge and requires a moment to rev up its propeller before attacking, giving the player time to get out of its way. Like all Soldats, its red-glowing reactor exhaust is especially vulnerable to gunfire; the best time to shoot it is while Sturm is recovering from its charge.

After taking sufficient damage, the Sturm will overheat and burst into flames. In this state, it can perform multiple charges in succession, and also rev up its propeller to engulf its surroundings in a flamethrower fashion, dealing rapid damage upon contact.

Upon its defeat, Sturm will shut down and implode like any other Soldat and will leave behind a Complex Mechanical Heart which can be sold for 45,000 lei.

Further notes

  • "Sturm" is the German word for "storm", derived from the Proto-Indo-European word (s)twer-, (s)tur- ("to rotate, swirl, twirl, move around").
  • The Turboprop engine on Sturm's upper torso is incorrect, as the in-game model shows what seems to be a rescaled Wright R-760 Whirlwind, which is a radial piston engine for aircraft.
  • Sturm's design appears to be a direct reference to "Propeller Head", a monster from the indie horror film Frankenstein's Army. Aside from the physical similarities, both creatures were created by Frankenstein-esque mad scientists and have issues with overheating. The film's director states he was neither paid nor credited; Capcom has yet to comment.
  • According to notes in the Concept Art section of the game, the original idea was for Sturm to be Heisenberg's biological father. This idea was eventually dropped.