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The Submachine Gun is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


It is a decently powerful Submachine Gun with a high rate of fire, but its high rate of fire tends to drain ammo rather quickly. It also suffers from moderately low accuracy. Burst firing at even close ranges can mitigate both problems. It is the default Submachine Gun, meaning that it does not have to be purchased with XP. The weapon has magazine of 30 ammo and 150 spare rounds initially. Maximum amount of spare rounds is 210. AI-conrolled Medic class uses this weapon.


"The Submachine gun with laser sight is a rapid fire, medium range weapon that's popular among the Umbrella Security Service."
— In Game Description
Damage ORC bar 3.jpg Range ORC bar 4.jpg
Blood Frenzy ORC bar 5.jpg Rate of Fire ORC bar 7.jpg
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Campaign locations
USS On map? Enemy drop? Echo Six On map? Enemy drop?
1: Containment - Yes 1: Eye of the Storm - Yes
2: Corruption 1 Yes 2: By the Trail of Our Dead - Yes
3: Lights Out - Yes 3: I Now Know Why You Cry 3 Yes
4: Gone Rogue - Yes 4: Nothing is as it Seems - Yes
5: Expendable - Yes 5: Root of All Evil - Yes
6: Redemption - Yes 6: The Places We're Meant To Die - Yes
7: End of the Line - Yes 7: Longest Yard - Yes