"An automatic handgun for special forces."
— In-game description

The Submachine Gun is an automatic weapon found in Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.


The weapon has a capacity of 30 rounds and has moderate firepower. It can be reloaded with Submachinegun Magazines found in File #2 for quicker reloading times. Without the magazine, it has one of, if not the longest reload time of every weapon in-game.

As long as the player can handle its drawbacks and rarity, the Submachine Gun is an effective all-round weapon for any kind of enemy. It can replace Handguns when obtained for the most part, due to it using the same type of ammunition (exceptions are Kevin and Alyssa, as both possess potshot abilities that enhance handgun damage).

In Outbreak, it can be found on the hospital roof of The Hive, given by a dying police officer. Only Kevin and Cindy can acquire it, though, and only on EASY and NORMAL difficulties.

In File #2, it can be found in the Parking Garage Ramp, and Ben will give another one after giving the Film D to him in the Holding Cells, both cases in Desperate Times. It can also be found in the Sewer Passage and/or in the Apple Inn Front Lobby in "end of the road".


  • In both Files, the Submachine Gun inflicts 120HP at close range, dropping to 96HP at medium range and 72HP at long range, weaker than the Assault Rifle.
  • Due to the lack of a Magazine in the first Outbreak (which means a very long reload time), it is best recommended to fire in short bursts and then reload, so the player cannot be attacked while reloading.
    • In the same File, it is the only weapon that will down the Leech Man for a moment, but he'll eventually get up really quickly.
    • Again in the same File, it can be obtained only in lower difficulties than HARD and VERY HARD. On the latter case, the dying police officer will give to Kevin and Cindy (whom he mistakes for his significant other, Maggie) the Burst Handgun.
  • The Submachine Gun is erroneously described as a Handgun in its in-game description.


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