Submission (WE-003) is a Weapon card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. The card is based on the melee attacks that have been a game mechanic in the Resident Evil series since Resident Evil 4. It is a Melee-Type weapon, and it and Stun Rod are the only weapons in the Deck Building Game of this type.


Submission has a Gold Cost of 20, and requires no ammunition to use. Its base damage is 5. However, in Story Mode and Mercenaries Mode, its given +5 Damage if the character using it has 80 or more Health. In Versus Mode, it features a different effect; forcing the player attacked with this weapon to discard a weapon card from their hand.

The card's rather specific effect makes it useless to several characters in the game; one's with only 70 maximum Health unless they are equipped with a Yellow Herb. With the effect, characters with 80 maximum Health or more are in the clear unless they take damage from Infected. Others are forced to only use it to deal 5 Damage unless another card's effect adds to that amount.

Characters who cannot use this weapon's first effect from the outset include:

The card shows a shot from a cut scene from Resident Evil 5 where Chris Redfield is being restrained by the brainswashed Jill Valentine just before he briefly snaps her out of her mind control.


  • Chris Redfield and both of the Albert Wesker character cards work well with this card due to the fact they have the highest amount of Health in the game (120, 100, and 100 respectively). Even if they take damage from Infected or weapons, they can still hold out and use the card's effect.
  • Mark Wilkins specializes in Melee Type weapons. Using his effects, the player can raise Submissions damage by 10, and if they're using more than one, add an additional 10. Overall, Mark could deal 50 Damage with only two Submission cards (with his and the weapons effects of course).
  • Jim Chapman can bypass his lack of Health with a Yellow Herb, but can also use his Level 1 effect to "flip a coin" and double his damage if he gets heads. In essence he can deal the 10 Damage without Submissions effect. Additionally, if he has a Yellow Herb Jim can just double it to 20.
  • When characters lose all of their Health to Infected, they "respawn" with -20 Health. This can be a terrible disadvantage to any character with 90 or less health. Equipping a Yellow Herb to characters with 90 Health (such as Barry Burton, Lost in Nightmares Chris, and a few others) can help, but avoiding the Mansion when only this card is being played is also a safe strategy.


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