"Whoa! These babies are nice. They fit loose enough to allow some hard core zombie ass kicking, too! "
David King, upon examining this item.

The Suede Pants (なめし革パンツ Nameshigawa pantsu?, Tanned Leather Pants) is a special item in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.


The Suede Pants are found in the Main Street North, on what seems to be a brown book beside the helicopter. It is found in the End of the Road scenario by David exclusively on EASY difficulty. On any of the other difficulties, the "Landmine Tactics" will be found instead.


This item is exclusive to David, and is one of five items required to unlock his second alternative costume, Sole Survivor. The other components are; Wild CologneWild Briefs"Barefoot Healing" and "The Body's Limit".



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