"Sunlight" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1]


After battling with the Queen Leech for the second time, Rebecca Chambers notices that it has an adverse reaction to the sunlight pouring in through a hole in the roof. She shares the observation with Billy Coen and exclaims that they need to open the windows and expose the entire room to sunlight. Billy leads Rebecca to a control panel in the corner of the warehouse and tasks her with operating the window controls as he distracts the Queen.


REBECCA: Billy! It can't handle sunlight! We need to open the windows!

BILLY: Follow me!
You work on the windows.

REBECCA: Got it!

BILLY: I'll use my charm to distract her majesty!

レベッカ: あいつ 日光に弱いのよ!

ビリー: ついて来い!

レベッカ: 分かったわ!

ビリー: 俺が ヤツを引きつけておく!


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