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Superhumans are people with enhanced physical abilities brought on by mutation from exposure to a Progenitor virus strain or comparable pathogen.


Superhumans are known to have lived in the distant past, with the clearest example being the Ndipaya King, a central figure in Ndipaya folklore who gained superhuman abilities after consuming the flower Sonnentreppe; research in the 1960s determined this was the result of a Progenitor Virus infection which brought about mutations. Archaeological finds in Ireland would also suggest the presence of a Superhuman, dubbed the "Irish Giant", in its own distant past.[1] Over the course of the late 20th century, "Project W" was developed as a eugenics program inspired by research into the Ndipaya Kingdom. The project's originator, Oswell E. Spencer, believed that a genetically-enhanced human race should inherit and rule over the world. Dr. Albert Wesker is the only known candidate to survive this process with enhanced abilities, and would himself develop the "Uroboros Project" out of a similar belief in creating a new human race.[2][3] While Wesker could be viewed as the archetypical Superhuman, other mutant humans have appeared over the course of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, likewise maintaining their human physiology and intelligence, though with varying degrees of enhanced abilities. Such people could include Sherry Birkin, Manuela Hidalgo, Mary Gray, Natalia Korda and Rosemary Winters.

Further notes[]

  • A fixed and regular terminology for superhumans is absent in the Resident Evil franchise. The word chōjin (超人?) has been used at times, but in the contest of describing a person's abilities as superhuman (超人的).[4][5][6][7][8][9][10] This term literally translates as "Superman", but can also be read as "Superhuman" and the Nietzschean term "Übermensch". The term on its own was used in the Resident Evil 4 remake to imply Plagas could be used to create Superhumans as well as B.O.W.s.[11] Resident Evil 5 uses the same descriptive for both Spencer's and Wesker's projects: "new human race" (新人類, 新生人類 and 新たな人類)[3][2] A term regularly used in the games is tekigō-sha (適合者?), which describes a person with adaptive traits. However, this term is much more broad than that of Spencer's, and includes anyone from Albert Wesker to the Giant Majini who's genetics allow them to have more extreme mutations.


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