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The Supply Zombie (ボーナスゾンビ Bōnasuzonbi?) is a special creature in Resident Evil: Resistance.


Supply zombies will randomly spawn in different locations of all three areas of any map at some points of the match. When it spawns, a message indicating it will be relayed to all players. Survivors cannot see its location until one of them is in line of sight and close by of the creature, at that point a special yellow UI symbol will appear which indicates how much time the Survivors have left before the Supply Zombie goes away.

If the Survivors defeat it, the zombie will drop his backpack and players will be able to interact with it to obtain powerful resources such as special weapons, sprays, and ammo and adds 30 seconds to the Timer. The backpack never despawns.

If the Survivors fail to defeat it in the allotted time, the Mastermind instead will obtain one of the following special Skill Cards at random.[1] If the Survivors leave the area before the zombie has expired, the Mastermind will not obtain any card.

  • Grenade Launcher
  • Ivy
  • Blinding Flash
  • Generator Mod - Large
  • Teleportation Trap (added with the Cosmetic update on July 09, 2020)

The Mastermind is able to control the Supply Zombie and its gameplay is similar to the default zombies of the game.

The Supply Zombie card.

With the October 01, 2020 update, the Supply Zombie was made available as a card the Mastermind can play, this will spawn one Supply Zombie in the stage and Survivors will be aware that it is one spawned by the player rather than one spawned by the game due to the different text in the message on-screen. If the Survivors kill this zombie, the backpack will be dropped and they will be able to obtain the random items from it just like the normal Supply Zombie.

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