"A custom part for the MQ 11 that suppresses the sound of gunfire and acts as a counterweight to greatly reduce muzzle rise."
— Inventory description
"MQ 11専用のカスタムパーツ。 射撃音の消音効果もあるが、重心が前方に移動することによる 射撃ブレを軽減する効果が高い。"
— Inventory description - Japanese

The Suppressor (MQ 11) is a custom part in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


Attaches to the MQ 11. When in use, the MQ 11's recoil is significantly reduced, and the sound of gunfire is reduced. Firing the suppressed MQ 11 near a Licker or Tyrant when he is away from the player will not attract their attention unless the player hits them directly.


Found in the Underground Stairs beneath the Goddess Statue. Requires the S.T.A.R.S. Badge.

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