Survival Knife is a weapon in 2002's Resident Evil. Similar to the Original, both characters start off with a knife in their inventory and an extra one can be found in the room with the Black Tiger. Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield use different knives, and the extra one will appear identical to their unique knife, however all the knives have the display name "Survival knife".

Jill uses a smaller knife than Chris. When Jill uses her knife, she swings it vertically when aiming straight ahead, a horizontal swing when aiming up, and a leaning in stab when aiming downward.

"A mid-size lightweight survival knife. Jill's personal protection knife used for close encounters."

Chris uses his own knife from his days in the Air-Force. It is noticeably bigger than Jill's and does more damage. When Chris uses his knife, he swing outward when aimed forward, swinged inward when aimed up, and uses the same step in and stab when aimed down.

"Carbon-reinforced alloy blade with serrated edges. Chris has been using it since his days in the Air Force."

The extra knife uses the description;

"It's a survival knife. Comes in handy in desperate situations."



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