The Survival Knife is a weapon item in Resident Evil 6. It is exclusive to Leon S. Kennedy in his campaign and inflicts less damage than its counterpart in Chris' campaign, the Combat Knife . Its main use is as a last resort for when the player has run out of ammo. It should not be used as the primary offensive weapon of a character unless the player is very skilled. If attempted regardless, targeting an enemy's limbs or head to stagger or set up a contextual melee prompt is preferable to the low damage of regular body-slashes.

The Survival Knife's Quick Shot move looks similar to the regular slash attack, with the difference that the player character also moves slightly forwards during the animation.

Notably some evasive moves change while this weapon is equipped:  Back and forward dodges remain the same whereas the left and right siderolls are replaced with sidestepping moves shared with Jake Muller's Hand-to-Hand and Chris' Combat Knife. 

In the Mercenaries mode, Jake (Costume 2) is the only character equipped with the Survival Knife.



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