"Survival horror" is a term used by Capcom to describe the Resident Evil series of Action-Adventure games.


In the United States, survival horror is treated as a defined subgenre of Action-Adventure titles focusing on horror elements. In Japan, the term is treated differently, and is used predominantly - if not exclusively - to describe Capcom's Resident Evil titles. The inventing of 'genres' to describe a single game is commonplace in Japan, and is used to show individuality. While games like Silent Hill and Psycho Break are described in American media as survival horror titles, they do not in Japan. Dino Crisis, one of Capcom's horror games, is advertised in Japan as "Panic Horror", while Dino Crisis 2 is either described simply as an Action-Adventure game, or is labeled "Jetcoaster" (the Japanese term for "rollercoaster").


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