Survivor (生存者 Seizon-sha?) is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is present in Chapter 1 of Leon's Story.


On their way through the university, they eventually come across a man who is the only survivor in the Ivy University. The man wanted find his missing daughter, Liz. He tells the two agents that Liz is all alone if they don't do something. He then drops the phone and Helena pick it up. It shows the image of Liz and his father. As Leon agrees and Helena annoyed, the man guides them through the campus in a search for his daughter.


Liz's father: Wait! Don't shoot!
Leon: Are you all right?
Liz's father: The fog...
Helena: What?
Liz's father: The fog... It came out of nowhere.
Leon: Wait!
Liz's father: Let me go!
Leon: It's too dangerous!
Liz's father: My daughter! She's all alone!
If we don't do something...
Leon: All right, I get it.
But if you don't keep it down, you won't live to save her. You understand?
Liz's father: Liz...
Leon: Is that your daughter?
All right, let's find her.
Helena: Leon, we don't have time to—
Leon: We're making the time.

Liz's father: 「撃つな…!」
Leon: 「大丈夫か」
Liz's father: 「霧…」
Helena: 「霧?」
Liz's father: 「突然    霧のようなものが…」
Liz's father: 「放せ!」
Leon: 「一人で動くな!」
Liz's father: 「娘を捜してるんだ!」
Leon:「わかったから    静かにしろ」
「ヤツらに    気づかれるぞ」
Liz's father: 「リズ…」
Leon: 「OK リズだな」
Helena: 「レオン    そんなヒマは…」
Leon: 「一緒に捜すんだ」



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