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A Suspension bridge (吊り橋 Tsuribashi?) is located in the Arklay Mountains and is featured in the 'Flashback' scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.[1] It is part of a route that leads from the mountain path to an abandoned hospital, and due to its derelict status, the suspension bridge collapses after some time, and thus, leaving the survivors with no choice but to go through the hospital building to find another way out.

If the player is still in the forest trail when this small suspension bridge breaks and collapses, then the player will have to find the Big Suspension Bridge instead, and assist a mother get her daughter.


Location Localization Original script
"What creepy trees..." 不気味な木々がそびえ立っている
The signpost "An old signpost. It's too faded to read." 古びた案内板だ


"The bridge looks rickety."




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