Svetlana Balikova is a glossary entry for Resident Evil Recollections.


Resident Evil Damnation
The first woman President of the Eastern Slav Republic, who financed her venture into politics using the vast capital she raised as a businesswoman. Although she was behind ceasefire proposal tended to the rebel faction, when mineral resources were discovered in the rebel held autonomous zone she immediately restarted hostilities under the pretext of curbing bioterrorism. Balikova is also a military combat instructor to this day, and is highly-trained in various techniques.

【biohazard DAMNATION】
東スラブ共和国の大統領。ビジネスで蓄えた資金力を背景に、政界に進出。共和国初の女性大統領となる。一度は独立派に休戦を提案するも、独立派の自治区に地下資源が確認されると、対テロ戦と称し、武力侵攻を再開する。女性といえど戦闘に長けており、軍の現役教官。 エイダを上回る身体能力を持つ。背中に大きな傷跡がある。

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