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"Considering that you will never be leaving this country again, I would say it is in your best interest to stay on my good side."
— Svetlana to Ada

Svetlana Belikova (スベトラーナ・ベリコバ Subetorāna Berikoba?, Russian: Светлана Беликова) is the former president of the Eastern Slav Republic.[2][3]



Little is known about her past aside from formerly being a combat instructor. Svetlana is described as being diplomatic, serious, and very rigid. She amassed a great wealth from a financial business background. As the first female president of the Eastern Slav Republic, she is involved in a civil war.

Eastern Slav Republic[]

"Do you have any idea who you are pointing your gun at?"
— Svetlana to Leon

In 2011, Svetlana met with the Council of Elders and Ada Wong in her office, where she received information about the master-slaves symbiotic relationship between the Plaga-injected rebels and the Lickers which had been given subordinate Plagas.

Svetlana was initially lead to believe that Ada had been sent by the BSAA. However, she later learned from her secretary that there was no one by the name of Ada Wong working for the BSAA.

Willing to interrogate Ada, Svetlana invited her to have a cup of tea. Svetlana questioned Ada about who she was really working for, to which Ada avoided giving a genuine response to. The two ended up engaging in hand-to-hand combat until a phone rang and Svetlana was informed that the terrorists had broken through her defenses. Ada used the distraction as an opportunity to make her escape, but Svetlana quickly stopped her by activating an elevator feature for her own office, descending into a laboratory located deep down beneath the president's palace.

Svetlana imprisoned Ada and turned her attention to defeat the terrorists once again. However, Ada impressively managed to escape her imprisonment and reunited with Leon. There, the two found out that Svetlana had been breeding Dominant Species Plagas in the laboratory, which strangely mimicked the shape of a beehive. Svetlana returned with her men to recapture both Leon and Ada and eventually engaged in a hand-to-hand fight with Leon. Afterward, Buddy appeared in the lab with a herd of Lickers to kill her personally. However, Svetlana escaped and released her own Tyrants to eliminate Leon and Buddy, though the two were able to fend off the Tyrants and flee from the palace.

Later on, Svetlana changed into a purple suit and practiced a speech she prepared to address the public with. However, during her speech, she was informed by her assistant that the American and Russian soldiers had re-occupied the state in order to stop the B.O.W. warfare. She was eventually forced to resign by the joint forces of American and Russian soldiers.

Skills and abilities[]

Being a combat instructor, Svetlana is a superb combatant, capable of incredible feats of speed, reflexes, timing, and precision. Her skills at close combat exceed that of both Leon and Ada by far, allowing her to keep up with them with little to no effort. During her fight against Ada, she disarmed her and performed strikes and holds with unparalleled precision and efficiency, while easily dodging every attack of Ada. Even when Ada had a knife, Svetlana was able to dodge and parry all of her slashes and stabs at close range using only a minimum of movement, after which she took the knife from her in one fluid movement and left a large gash in Ada's suit in the process.

When Leon held her at gunpoint from behind, Svetlana turned the tables with ease and swiftly disarmed him, proceeding to dodge all of his blows and reverse all of his grappling attacks effortlessly. After avoiding his attempt to knee her, Svetlana caught Leon's leg and threw him to an impressive height as well as multiple feet away to end the confrontation.

Further notes[]