RE6 Swimming

Swimming is a gameplay element in Resident Evil 6, only appearing in Leon Chapter 3 and has different actions depending on how submerged the player is.

Above Water

In deep water, the player will be restricted to moving forwards, backwards or to the sides, however they can perform a faster breaststroke by holding the sprint button.

In more shallow water, the player is restricted to moving, aiming, firing and performing melee attacks, but cannot sprint or perform any move which would put them under the water (such as rolling).

Below Water

When submerged, the player has the option to move in any direction, and can perform more powerful strokes by repeatedly pressing the sprint button. Whilst under, there is an air gauge, which will become depleated slowly and faster whilst being grappled by an underwater zombie (requiring a QTE).

There are also several places in which the player can surface to replenish their oxygen supply.

The only exception to this is when fighting the Brzak as the player has no oxygen meter and is only required to perform QTEs to survive.

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