Switch Sides[1] is a mechanic introduced in Resident Evil 6. It allows the player to switch their dominant hand, from either left or right.


Platform & Default Input Preview
  • PS3 / PS4 - R3
  • Xbox 360 / Xbox One - Right stick
  • PC - Caps lock
  • Switch - Right stick
RE6 Switch Sides

In the campaign, main characters (Leon, Chris, Jake and Ada) always start with their dominant hand set to the right side and supporting characters (Helena, Piers, Sherry and Agent) always start with their dominant hand set to the left side.

Even if the side was changed, the setting will go back to its default when the player reaches a new area, moves while taking cover, finishes a scripted event or interacts with something with their partner. There is an option within the game that will force the preferred side to be saved no matter what. In the "controls" menu, in the setting called "dominant hand", select "manual" and from now on the side picked will not change.

When switching sides, the HUD will also change alongside it, in the options menu within "game settings", the player can select to lock the HUD to either right or left side, or have it adjust automatically based on what side they are currently using.

In the Extra Content modes, all characters start with the right side as their dominat hand.


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