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For other mansion keys, see Mansion key.
"There's a key embedded on the back cover."
Book of Curses, item examination

The Sword Key is one of the four knight-themed keys used to unlock several doors in the Spencer Mansion. It is a large golden key with a sword depicted on one side.


In the original game, the Sword Key can be found on the bed in the West Storeroom. This key can only be obtained and used by Chris to unlock doors with "an emblem of a sword",[1] while Jill uses the Lockpick on these doors instead.

In the Arrange Mode on the Director's Cut release, Chris finds the key instead in the Small Dining Room in a hidden area behind the moveable display cabinet. The key will only be visible if Chris uses the Lighter to light the candles on the dining table.

In the remake, the key has been moved to an entirely new area of the mansion. After obtaining the Book of Curses in the cemetery behind the hall, the back of the book can be examined to reveal a locking mechanism held in place by the Sword Key. Once removed, both Chris and Jill will be able to use the key.


In the original, this key opens the following doors:

In the remake, these doors are opened:


Resident Evil (1996)
Item Localization Original Script
Mansion Key Nothing special. (特に気になる所はない?)
Sword Key A carving of a sword. (剣の形が刻まれている?)
Resident Evil (2002)
Sword Key There's an engraving of a sword. (剣の形が刻まれている?)

Further notes[]

In the original game, Jill is able to use the Lockpick to enter the bar after splitting from Barry in the entrance hall. Jill uses the Music Notes by herself to obtain the Gold Emblem, but Chris relies upon Rebecca to use the notes successfully. By placing the Sword Key in the storeroom and the dining room, it becomes impossible to obtain the key without meeting Rebecca first, ensuring that Chris will always trigger a scene with Rebecca in the bar after attempting to use the notes.




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