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The Sword of Paracelsus (パラケルススの魔剣 (まけん) Parakerususu no maken?) was an experimental rail cannon developed by the US military. It was named after Paracelsus, a Swiss philosopher, alchemist and toxicologist.


The Sword of Paracelsus was brought into Raccoon City in September 1998 by a Delta Force squad. The squad had orders to infiltrate Umbrella's private subway system and recover Dr. William Birkin and his G-Virus from NEST, with the cannon brought with them to serve as an anti-G weapon in the event of an outbreak. When the squad surfaced at Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A several miles away from NEST, the cannon was nonetheless assembled and readied for use. Though the city tore itself apart from a t-Virus outbreak, the Delta Force squad was ultimately wiped out by a group of T-103 Tyrants, and failed to power-up the cannon.[1] In one account of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, the cannon was used by former S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine to seriously wound a Nemesis-T Type.


Hooked up to the plant's backup electric generator, the cannon draws energy from the three large batteries inserted into the generator. As a safety precaution, these batteries are ejected after a particularly large energy drain (such as that used to power a tank-sized electromagnetic cannon) and must be reinserted in order to use the cannon again. The cannon cannot be aimed in the state in which it is found, and enemies must be lured in front of it in order to engage them.

the rail cannon in Operation Raccoon City retains the same design but is now sits on four wheels and acts more like a conventional cannon turret than an immobile experimental weapon. It is fully automated, has a sufficiently advanced IFF (Identification Friend or Foe system), is light enough to be able to airdropped directly into the field without parachute yet also durable enough to survive such fall intact, and is capable of making a quick turn that can catch up with superhumanly fast targets such as the T-103. The firepower of the cannon is as powerful as ever, capable of destroying a T-103 in two shots, the first shot will completely shred their limiter coat, forcing it to mutated, and the second shot will negate the regeneration power of their second form, permanently putting them down.


Resident Evil 3[]

The Paracelsus serves both as the only way to defeat the Nemesis in its advanced stage of mutation and is the final piece of puzzle that must be solved. The cannon itself lies fixed next to the exit door with its cannon pointing directly at the corpse of another mutated T-103 near the entrance door, separate by a large block of machinery. The first objective is to get the cannon back up and running which is done by pushing all 3 batteries that scattered around the room back into a slot next to them. However, the batteries will be locked in place from the onset and must be unlocked first by examining the computer near the cannon. The system voice will declare that there is not enough power to operate the cannon. After which, 3 lights above the battery slots will lit up, allowing the batteries to be moved again. Once the second battery has been push into place, the final battle will properly commenced as the heavily damaged Nemesis drop down from the ruined ceiling and begins consuming the corpse of a tyrant to repair itself and mutated further, before resuming its hunt on Jill for one last time.

After pushing all 3 batteries in their slots, the computer voice will begin counting down and Jill's main goal is to lure the Nemesis into the path of Paracelsus. Once the countdown reached zero, the first shot from the rail cannon, whether it hit the Nemesis or not, will carve out the block of machinery in the center of the room, opening a path back to the entrance door. Two direct hit from the rail cannon is required to bring Nemesis down for good. After which the cannon will overheat and ejecting all batteries, ending the encounter.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City[]

The Paracelsus reappear in its fully functional form as part of the retelling of the ill-fated Government Special Ops unit that had battled against five T-103 Tyrants inside the Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A before the arrival of Jill.

In-game, the Paracelsus will be authorized by ECHO-SIX commander to reinforce the unit after they have successfully gunning down a T-103 with conventional firepower. After the countdown, the rail cannon will crash down from the ceiling and onto the highest platform in the room. After which it will immediately begins targeting the newly arrived T-103s without the player's input. The main task of ECHO-SIX unit by then is to simply survive while luring the tyrants into the cannon's line of fire, as the cannon will remain stationary despite the functional wheels and its hypervelocity projectile, powerful as they are, can still be blocked by concrete walls and ramps.