Syun Nishigaki (西垣 俊 nishigaki syun?) is a Japanese video game music composer.


Syun was assigned to work on music for Resident Evil 2, and composed the BIOHAZARD 2 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK and BIOHAZARD 2 COMPLETE TRACK with the collaboration of Shusaku Uchiyama and Masami Ueda. Some of these tracks later appeared in the Biohazard SOUND CHRONICLE.

Resident Evil compositions

  1. Annette's Recollection[note 1]
  2. Is Ada Spy!?—Composition & Arrangement
  3. Escape From Laboratory—Composition & Arrangement
  4. Good Bye, Leon—Composition & Arrangement
  5. Mother—Composition & Arrangement
  6. The evil eye—Composition & Arrangement
  7. Destined to be malformed —Composition & Arrangement
  8. Dropping into the water—Composition & Arrangement
  9. Dropping again—Composition & Arrangement
  10. This is my nest—Composition & Arrangement
  11. Like a shadow—Composition & Arrangement


  1. Composed alongside Shusaku Uchiyama

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