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T-00 was a Tyrant sent into Raccoon City during the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident. T-00 was one of six within the T-103 series that were airlifted into the city, and was given instructions to recover a G-Virus sample from the pendant of Sherry Birkin and kill any surviving officers and civilians found in the Raccoon Police Station [1] where it began a hunt of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield who were trying to escort Sherry to safety.


Umbrella's control over the outbreak in Raccoon City ended with the collapse of the UBCS as an organised force on the night of 26 September, and under Article 12 of Umbrella's Internal Emergency Procedures Col. Sergei Vladimir was given command of all remaining personnel.[1] On the night of 29 September, T-00 and five other T-103 Tyrants were flown over the city in an SH-60B Seahawk to take part in new missions. While five were sent to Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A to fight the Delta Force operators present, T-00 was given two unique missions.[1] Firstly, it was to eliminate any survivors in the Raccoon Police Station, which Umbrella could not verify had already fallen. Second, it was to locate a sample of the Golgotha Virus and return it to a designated pick-up point.[2][excerpt 1]

Either dropping into the police station or landing close by,[3][4] T-00 was successful in entering the building. By this point most police officers had already mutated into Zombies, and T-00 encountered only a handful of survivors. Accounts differ as to the exact events in the station, and it is possible it was responsible for the death of journalist Ben Bertolucci. Other accounts suggest T-00 was struck with a van, or even torn open by Dr. William Birkin, who had transformed himself into a disfigured monster with the G-Virus. What is known however is that T-00 abandoned the police station and began a search of NEST for Golgotha. There, T-00 was injured, either by fire or by molten metal. These extensive injuries triggered the de-activation of its Power Limiter, allowing it to mutate into its Super Tyrant form. T-00 fought RPD officer Leon S. Kennedy, but was ultimately killed when he fired a rocket at it from a M202 Flash.


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Further notes[]

  • Over the years T-00 has been given a variety of nicknames in official media, though none are canon. One of the nicknames used in licensed material is "Mr. X", a name never used in Resident Evil 2 itself. It is possible this name was the result of a mistake on Capcom USA's part, as in multiple occasions it gave out early concept art of T-00 to licensees, which included one known as "Tyrant X" in Japan.
    • Assuming this, the first instance of "Mr. X" was GameFan's Resident Evil 2 guide, which was published alongside the game though written in 1997.
    • An action figure, also known as "Mr. X", was released in May 1998 by Toy Biz, though the name was already confirmed in an ad in the GameFan guide.
    • The Pocket Books novel, Resident Evil: City of the Dead (released May 1999), has Claire Redfield pick "Mr. X" as a nickname from a list also including "Frankenstein's monster", "Terminator" and "Dr. Evil".[5]
    • "Mr. X" was used again in Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine #4 (published December 1998), where in this case it was the actual name of the series, with "Tyrant" instead only applying to identical clones of the Resident Evil foe.
    • "Trenchy" and "Coated Bastard" (コート野郎) were used in the English and Japanese dubs of 2010's Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
    • "Mr. X" and "Trenchy" made another mention in 2020's Resident Evil: Resistance where they are nicknames given to a T-103 by Daniel Fabron. Both these names were included as in-jokes to the fans.
  • In the original Resident Evil 2, once T-00 is downed players will be able to pick up different ammunition on certain occasions by examining his body. This only works in the story portion of the game.
  • The inclusion of a fedora to T-00's outfit in the remake was to emphasize its intended purpose for covert operations. T-00 was also made physically shorter for the same purposes, as it now appears more human from a distance.[6]
  • In the remake, T-00 has a more tempered personality. During its pursuit of the player, it will frequently crack its neck and show subtle signs of irritation when presented with resistance or receiving damage. This temper is shown if the player shoots off his hat, causing him to charge for the player, instead of his usual walking pace. While in its Super Tyrant form, it will roar furiously at the player multiple times during their final encounter with it.
    • However, the Tyrant does show its irritation and somewhat shock when staggered back from a bullet, sometimes nudging his head to the side as if to shrug the wound off.
  • Developers of the Resident Evil 2 remake stated in an interview that there's only one Tyrant and that the stories are parallel to each other.[7][excerpt 2]
  • In the remake's Hardcore difficulty, 2 shots from the anti-tank rocket are needed, as opposed to just 1 on Standard, in order to bring the Super Tyrant down.
  • During its concept stage, the T-00 was originally supposed to wield a large gun. This concept was passed onto the Nemesis-T Type.
  • T-00 originally only chased and followed the character used in the B Scenario and would not be seen entirely by the other character in the A Scenario.
    • Additionally, T-00 would lose its coat after falling in a smelting pit. In Claire B, the Tyrant is chasing Sherry Birkin for the G-Virus within her pendant, allowing Claire to toss it into the smelting pot with the Tyrant joining the pendant shortly. In Leon B, Leon is cornered by the Tyrant and is rescued by Ada, who fires multiple shots to the Tyrant's face, eventually causing to fall into the pot, but it is able to wound Ada severely.
    • T-00's final encounter would also be near the emergency train itself, obstructing the B Scenario's character from boarding the train after they finish connecting the plugs to open the railway's gate. Like the remake, the Tyrant would be blown to bits by a Rocket Launcher tossed in by Ada Wong.
  • There is a continuity error in the Resident Evil 2 remake wherein when the Tyrant appears behind Claire in the parking garage after she has opened the garage shutter, the Tyrant will be missing its hat even if the player did not shoot its hat off of its head during any earlier encounters.




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