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T-078 was a Tyrant born from cloning by Umbrella in 1998. It was from the cloned T-103 model, and part of its "Mass Produced Type". "078" was noted for being without a limiter coat so as to test the effects of using a T-103 without such a device. Therefore, its blunted claws, which it used as battering rams, may not be present on all other individuals within the Mass Produced Type.


T-078 was delivered to Rockfort Island from the Antarctic Transport Terminal in a mission supervised by the Umbrella Security Service agent "HUNK" on the orders of the island base's commander, Alfred Ashford, 7th Earl Ashford. Whether on Lord Ashford's orders or the intention of its creators, T-078's power limiter was disabled, allowing it to experience minor mutations.[excerpt 1] During the Hive/Host Capture Force's attack on Rockfort Island, Lord Ashford unleashed the Tyrant to kill Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside, two prisoners that were making their escape. While the Tyrant was seemingly defeated before reaching the prisoners' C-130 Hercules, it managed to grab hold of the plane as it escaped the island moments before a series of explosions destroyed much of the base. Boarding the plane via the cargo bay door, the Tyrant's right hand mutated further which extended his claws. Claire was able to release a cargo crate from its safety harness, allowing it to be thrown into the B.O.W., sending both out into the sea below.



T-078 has 500HP on Normal and Easy modes, with only 300 on Very Easy.


Name Jp name Damage Description
Lariat ラリアット (Rariatto?) 40
Dash attack ダッシュ攻撃 (Dasshu kōgeki?) 40-50
Mangling たたきつぶし (Tatakitsubushi?) 40

Weapon damage chartEdit

Weapon Short-range Mid-range Long-range
Combat Knife 16
Handgun 14 10 6
Custon Handgun 10 8 6
M-100P 10x(1 or 2) 6x(1 or 2) 4x(1 or 2)
Bowgun (normal)
Bowgun (flame) 30 
Submachinegun NA
Grenade Launcher (Grenade) Direct hit and blast: 15x(bet.1-5)
Grenade Launcher (Acid) Direct hit and blast: 40
Grenade Launcher (Napalm) Direct hit and blast: 20, Fire damage: 1
Grenade Launcher (B.O.W.) Direct hit and blast: 20, Gas: Half of HP
Assault Rifle 6
Shotgun 40 20 10
Magnum 100 80 60
Gold Lugers NA

Further notesEdit

  • In the Darkside Chronicles, "078" was able to throw the crate out of the plane and then was killed by a missile let loose by Steve and Claire. This may have been a reference to the Hypnos-T Type of Resident Evil Survivor, which was killed after a missile blew it away from the aircraft it was assaulting.




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