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The report

The t-Virus report was the official file on the t-Virus, which could be accessed from the BSAA Remote Desktop.



The Progenitor Virus has been improved for use as a military virus.
The initial, "t", is said to be an abbreviation of "tyrant", meaning "tyrant".[notes 1]

Human beings infected with this virus mutate.
Details of the main mutations are as follows:

  • Putrefaction of the skin, blood congestion
  • Deterioration of muscle fiber
  • Extreme degeneration of intelligence
  • Paralysis of pain sensation
  • Metabolic activation

A human who becomes such a state is referred to as a so-called "zombie".
They appear as a crumbling, decaying body and their movements are slow, however despite their fragile appearance they have strength that is more than double that of a normal human.
To stop them, the only option is to destroy the head.

It can be inferred from its active metabolism that it is always in a state of starvation.
Consequently, they will attack (i.e. eat) other humans.
If a person is bitten or injured by its attack, it is likely that the victim has been infected with the virus.

When encountering zombies, do not permit their approach. Aim to hit the head with firearms from a distance. It is considered safe and the most effective.
(For more for instructions on what to do, see Section 17 of Section 13 of the file from "t-15" combat drill)

Aside from the raw materials and its name, the "Progenitor Virus" as it is called, almost nothing is known about the virus.
The future study and investigation of the Progenitor Virus is top priority.


「始祖ウイルス」 を軍事利用するために改良が加えられたウイルス。[notes 2]
頭文字の 「t」 は、 暴君を意味する "tyrant" の略称といわれている。

このウイルスに感染した人間は、 突然変異を起こす。

  • 皮膚の腐敗、うっ血
  • 筋繊維の劣化
  • 極度の知能退化
  • 痛覚の麻痺
  • 新陳代謝の活性化

このような状態になった人間は、 通称で 「ゾンビ」 と呼ばれる。
緩慢な動きその崩れかけた外見から、 一見非力でもろそうに見えるが、生非力は常人の数倍以上ある。
彼らの行動を止めるには、 頭部を破壊するしかない。

またその活発な新陳代謝から、 常に飢餓状態にあると推測される。
人間を襲う (食べる) のも、 その影響である。
襲われて噛まれた場合、 被害者もt-ウイルスに感染する可能性が高い。

ゾンビと遭遇した場合、接近を許さず、 中・遠距離から火器により頭部を狙い打つのが一番効果的かつ安全と考えられる。

なお、その原村料とも言える 「始祖ウイルス」 は、 名前以外ほとんどなにも分ってない未知のウイルスである。
始祖ウイルスもまた、 今後の最優先調査対象と言える。


  1. In the Japanese text, the first instance of tyrant is written in the Latin alphabet, while the other uses Kanji. This is because, due to its Japanese-intended audience, it is teaching the etymology of "t-Virus", which would otherwise be unknown to those who haven't studied English.
  2. Capcom's name, "Progenitor Virus", is derived from Kanji spellings for other words equivalent to "Founder" and "mother", and hence why the other two have been used in localizations. In keeping line with canon, the Resident Evil Wiki will use the intended meaning, "Progenitor".