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TEPPEN is a mobile franchise cross-over game by Capcom and GungHo.[1] It features Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine and Ada Wong as Hero characters and multiple cards which feature characters, creatures and items from the Resident Evil franchise.


Albert Wesker

Wesker fights the following opponents during his story: X, Nergigante and Chun-Li.

The introduction scene is somewhat of a recreation of the Dreams of a Madman cutscene in Resident Evil 5, Wesker is present at a mansion with Ozwell E. Spencer who tells him of his plan of reigning over a new breed of humans, when Wesker kills Spencer by thrusting his fist through the old man's chest, X is seen behind him and a battle is started.

Wesker leaves the mansion after fighting X.

Afterwards, it is shown that Wesker left the mansion due to the new power he "stole" from Spencer, which is Uroboros. This power seems too great for Wesker to handle, it's stated that it was consuming him and Wesker could even feel death looming over him.

Nergigante then appears and shoots spikes towards Wesker, which then grew back on the dragon's body. This leads to their fight, but Nergigante's attack gave Wesker an idea. In order to keep Uroboros under control, Wesker would need to replace his body with a new one.

He found a nearby village and ensued chaos in search for the vessel. Chun-Li was in the vicinity and fought Wesker in order to protect the people.

Wesker sets up a tournament to find the perfect subject.

Wesker then decided to change his approach, instead of chasing down a vessel himself, he'd pit potential subjects against bio-weapons, he opened an underground tournament called "Survival of the Worthy" in order to mask his true intentions behind entertainment.

When a Mysterious Girl approached him as he was watching the show, she stated that the vessel he needed is in the "Land of Illusion", while Wesker noticed her true aim, he found he might be able to use her, as such, he left the place and headed toward the Land of Illusion.

Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine was added as part of the August 2019 update.[5] She fights the following opponents during her story: Chun-Li, Rathalos and Wesker.

Chun-Li stops Jill before she can approach the strange woman linked to Wesker.

The first cutscene depicts Jill's desire to take down Umbrella and Wesker after the events of Resident Evil. She finally gets a lead, which was the "Mysterious Girl" who had been somehow linked to Wesker, as Jill was approaching the hooded figure, Chun-Li blocks her path and states that the woman is innocent. Jill threatens Chun-Li, all the while the woman smiles in the background.

As the two were fighting, the woman tried to escape. Jill ran after her but the floor started to collapse behind her as she was making her way up a set of stairs, Chun-Li was left behind in the falling debris. Just as Jill was about to make a move on her target, the woman suddenly lifts herself into the air, she used a wire attached to a wyvern. The woman got away, while Jill had to deal with Rathalos by herself.

Rathalos' attacks were so powerful that the building Jill was in started to be torn apart, as the floor started to shake, Jill jumped out to safety. When she landed, she watched the building being hit by Rathalos again. However, zombies were present in the area, she charged through them, shooting what she could.

Wesker uses Uroboros before fleeing to the Land of Illusion.

"Miss me?" - the man she had been looking for spoke to her, Jill raises her weapon towards Wesker and the two fight. Jill unloaded everything she had, but Wesker remained without a scratch. As Jill shot her last bullet, Wesker spawned Uroboros out of the floor to deflect the incoming fire, he then stated "We finish this in the Land of Illusion" and gets away, leaving Jill trembling. The next morning, Jill prepares herself to go to the Land of Illusion as she has no other choice, her old allies deserved justice.

Ada Wong

Ada Wong was added as part of the March 2021 update.[6] She fights the following opponents during her story: Wesker, Zero and Felyne.

Ada flees from Wesker to find the samples she needs.

It is stated that Ada was hired to obtain two samples of an ancient civilization's advanced technology. During her mission, she found Wesker who she sparred with, however, Wesker eventually let her go because "he too was using her".

When Ada was searching the ruins of this ancient civilization, she eventually found a dim of light on the walls, this glow came from a capsule that was still working. It was revealed that Zero was inside the capsule and attacked Ada upon spotting her.

Just as when she was starting to struggle, a strange relic started interfering with Zero, rendering the robot motionless. Ada picked up the relic and was able to manipulate him into sleeping again.

Ada dons the black robe, revealing that she was the "Mysterious Girl" all along.

At this point, Ada needed one more item to complete her mission. She left the ruins and arrived at a forest where she stumbled across a Felyne who was holding a treasure - the item she had been looking for. The Felyne was not so cooperative - and the two fought over it.

Ada was able to steal the treasure from the Felyne, and leapt through the air, supposedly using her Hookshot. She goes back to her employer with a false display of loyalty. She donned the black robe and started making her way to gather all of the other heroes (playable TEPPEN characters) into the Land of Illusion for reasons unknown.

Hero Information

Albert Wesker

ALBERT WESKER - Resident Evil
Known for his medical breakthroughs at a large corporation, Wesker was also secretly developing biological weapons. He works in the shadows to accomplish his mission, ensuring nobody else will uncover [sic] his secret.[7]

Element: Teppen-icon-attribute-black.png


#01. Dark Destruction
#02. Uroboros
#03. Bringer of Nightmares

Jill Valentine

JILL VALENTINE - Resident Evil
Jill was part of a special operations task force that was taken down by a traitor within its ranks. She sets out after the traitor and the association behind the incident, but it leads to the creation of an all-new nightmare.[8]

Element: Teppen-icon-attribute-red.png


#01. Ultimate Weapon
#02. Genesis
#03. Antibody Activation

Ada Wong

ADA WONG - Resident Evil
An elusive spy whose intentions and true identity remain a mystery. She carries out her work with an almost clinical detachment. Having cast off her black robe, she appears before the heroes as her secret plan enters its final stage.[9]

Element: Teppen-icon-attribute-purple.png


#01. Blackout
#02. Mirage Decoy
#03. Break Away

Card List


  • To see full illustrations of the cards, visit the TEPPEN Wiki.
  • Only cards related to the Resident Evil series are listed below.
  • Some cards may only display a woman wearing a black hood, this is Ada Wong as revealed in the A Dark Agenda expansion.

Basic Cards

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Claire Redfield Ryu003.png In search of her lost brother, a lone woman takes up arms and begins her descent into hell. Tropa Entertainment
Leon S. Kennedy Rathalos006.png With unblinking calm even in the face of danger, this agent fearlessly eliminates all obstacles in his path. cuboon
Rebecca Chambers X002.png Desperately hiding her vulnerability, she searched for a way to survive, trusting it would help her friend. David Gaillet
Chris Redfield Chun-li004.png Taking up arms, he continues to hurl himself into deadly battlefields so that others may live in peace. JaneMere
Ada Wong Morrigan004.png At the conflux of numerous powers, she continues to work behind the scenes, though her goal remains a mystery. tuyairuka
T-002 Tyrant Wesker007.png The nightmarish result of countless evil experiments will breed new nightmares. Vincent
Albert Wesker Wesker008.png If one wishes to rule for all eternity, one must accept the dark power as one's own. Daniel Kamarudin
Albert Wesker Wesker008 sct.png Wesker somehow returns from the brink of death. What does he see with those evil eyes...? Lucas Svedberg
Zombie Wesker004.png Devoid of thought or feeling, its body continues to move about nonetheless. What could it be seeking? Qi Wu
Hunter Wesker005.png This abomination is a bio-weapon that mindlessly carries out its orders, rending its victims' flesh. ICHIGEN
Inheriting Ambition Wesker013.png A god? Ridiculous. You're not worthy of that. The only one with the true power to be a god is me. Antonio J. Manzanedo
Sample Collection Wesker009.png "Samples collected. Returning to base..." The god of death always comes back, no matter how grim the mission. Pablo Fernandez
Price of Support Wesker010.png The secret agent blended into an unfamiliar land, gathering lots of information at the cost of his life. Tiago da Silva
Ruthless Retrieval Wesker011.png A boy turned into a grotesque mutation in order to survive. But for this man, he was no more than a precious sample. Yang Dang
Experiment Records Wesker012.png Profound achievements in science require a sacrifice. Your deaths will help realize our vision. icula

August 2019 update

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Claire Redfield Jill005.png Claire stepped into the fallen city, her only guiding light the hope of finding her brother. Tropa Entertainment
Jill Valentine Jill008.png The shuffling footsteps of death approached, but Jill stood strong. If she can only conquer her fear, just maybe she can uncover the truth... Yernata Mukhanzharova
Jill Valentine Jill008 sct.png A burst of gunfire mows down the swarm of zombies. "What will run out first—my ammo, or my luck?" The true test of survival has only just begun. Vanta Ket
Carlos Oliveira Jill007.png A good mercenary always prepares for the worst but who could have expected Racoon City? Ilya Bondarenko
Mikhail Viktor Jill001.png For friends, for survival. A soldier fights, even when faced with death. Yernata Mukhanzharova
Brought to Light Jill013.png You must face whatever horrors stand in your way. The truth demands it. Romanov Pavel
Spread Shot Jill010.png When faced with a ravenous horde, you're going to need to use some crowd control. Like the type that comes straight from the barrel. Nikita Volobuev
A Noble Death Jill009.png The hellish creature was relentless, but it had underestimated how far the veteran soldier would go to save his allies... Faisal Fikri
Limited Ammo Jill011.png Make every shot count. The threat you face may be never-ending, but your ammo is not. Leo Avero
Exploding Barrel Jill012.png This explosive weapon is essential for hunters when facing forces of nature far larger than themselves. Stefan Atanasov

The following cards can be discovered by using [Explore], discovered cards can only be used on the current battle.[10]

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Handgun T008.png Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and your trusty pistol closest of all. Russell Benjamin Chua, Aaron Quek
Ammo T007.png For the undead, eternal peace comes swiftest from a bullet to the brain. Javier Charro
Rocket Launcher Rocketlauncher.png Some nightmares go away with therapy, some require more drastic measures. Russell Benjamin Chua, Aaron Quek

March 2020 update

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
HUNK Zero004.png In order to survive missions in extreme environments, one must have a mind and body of the very least. Marisa Oh

March 2021 update

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Ada Wong Adaw008.png She feigns camaraderie as a cover for collecting samples. And then...

"My, my. So much to do, so little time
It looks like I've got my work cut out for me."

Indomitable Butterfly Adaw013.png The gun seemed as good as scrap metal against a god. His murderous aura only grew with the barrel pointed at him. Who will be the victor? Him, or her? Francis Tneh
Preliminary Survey Adaw009.png A careful surbey ahead of a mission is crucial to ensuring complete success. Information is a powerful weapon, and you can never have enough weapons for a mission like this. Shiyu
Sublime Mimicry Adaw011.png Its presence can be felt, but it cannot be seen. Once you realize you have entered the Mist Dragon's territory, it is already too late. Anthony Star

Core Card Pack

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Leon S. Kennedy Cor021.png There's only one condition to becoming an elite agent: No matter the mission, make sure to come back alive. Anthony Star
Enrico Marini Cor019.png Even amid swirling doubt and shattered trust, he never gives in to the hardships that confront him. yusuke osanai
Forest Speyer Cor008.png Even in the face of countless wings, he never gave up fighting for his life. But by then, it was already too late. Daniel Kamarudin
Precision Cor036.png Trapped in a tight space with countless shadows coming for him, he takes aim and drops one target after another. Tropa Entertainment
Entrusted Ammo Cor038.png "Don't you worry. My partner and I'll be just fine."
After showing off his firearm, he entrusted her with ammunition.
Commanded Team Cor039.png Glorious memories, trampled irreparably.
Remains of a past where you thought you could always trust your comrades.
Headshot Cor030.png The well-aimed bullet pierces the skull of the vaguely human form, felling its powerful body with a single shot. Pablo Fernandez
True Faith Cor032.png At times, actions speak louder than not just words, but even reputations. That is how she saw the man that saved her. David Gaillet
Rebecca Chambers Cor064.png Her skill earned her a place in a special unit that protects people. She faces her fears with hands trembling. tsuda jiro
Chris Redfield Cor068.png Gun in hand, senses alert, he takes aim quietly, yet carefully. Sergey Gurskiy
Chris Redfield Cor068 sct.png I may be out of ammo, but I've still got my training. I'll do whatever it takes to reach him! Daniel Kamarudin
Richard Aiken Cor063.png He may fear death, he may be injured, but as long as he can move, he'll do everything he can to protect his team. yusuke osanai
Sherry Birkin Cor057.png Though deathly afraid of the dark, this little fugitive never once abandoned her hope of survival. mizo re
Evasive Action Cor087.png The situation is grim. We won't last long at this rate. In which case, there's only one thing we can do! Alexander Nanitchkov
Evasive Action Cor087 sct.png The cleaver closes in, and it knows no mercy. It moves with such speed and force that even the wall behind you will be shattered by its wrath. Duck your head, dive down, and slip away to safety! Lucas Svedberg
Green Herb Cor076.png Since ancient times, humanity has made use of medicinal plants to treat injuries. jugemt
Ada Wong Cor113.png She says she wishes for a "Land of Illusion."
She says that all that has transpired is merely the beginning.
David Gaillet
Bald-Faced Lie Cor125.png She protects herself with countless lies and mysterious beauty. He knew this firsthand, and was wary. Norikatsu Miyoshi
Hookshot Cor126.png With a little help from the steel wire, she scrambled up the shattered wall, finding a new path in no time. gharly
Hookshot Cor126 sct.png She fired her grappling hook right on cue. Deftly managing the accelerating wire with a graceful step, she evaded the claws of the Hunters and leapt into the air. Vincent
Unforeseen Interference Cor117.png A single bullet stops a mercenary's knife in its tracks. Who is she working with, and what does she want? Ikegaminoroshi
Heir to Ambition Wesker Cor160.png All he desired was power and a vessel strong enough to consume everything. In a word, the ability to usurp god. Antonio J. Manzanedo
T-002 Tyrant Cor158.png The search for the dark power produced countless monstrosities-creatures well beyond human control. Satoru Senda
Crow Cor144.png Infected by dark power, these feathered frights are now literal harbingers of death. Romanov Pavel
Hunter Cor151.png Dark power created a biological weapon with the characteristics of reptiles and adaptability of humans. yusuke osanai
William Birkin Cor152.png The dark power of the abyss calls to me.
I must uncover its secrets and attain its power for myself!
Daniel Kamarudin
Proto Tyrant Cor153.png Though imperfect in body and mind, this discarded prototype's power and cruelty leaves death in its wake. ICHIGEN
Zombie Cor141.png A collapsing body, inhuman hands...
All of it points to disaster and tragedy.
Jiwon Kim
Zombie Cor141 sct.png Born of the dark power held by the corrupt organization, its victims soon transform into fellow undead abominations. Antonio J. Manzanedo
Cerberus Cor142.png This former hunting dog, now corrupted by dark power, faithfully carries out its orders to attack intruders. Jiwon Kim
Spreading Infection Cor179.png The unleashed malice beckons tragedies, as the infection spreads to a nearby town. Death is now all but certain. David Nakayama
Silent Execution Cor178.png The grim reaper silently but surely harvests souls on the battlefield.
Before you know it, he has come for you.
Just Deserts Cor171.png After betraying his comrades countless times, his monstrous nature manifested into an equally monstrous form. David Gaillet
Heartless Experiment Cor165.png The experiment knew no end. Even after sacrificing their own father, their hunger and drive remained unsated. Norikatsu Miyoshi
Sad Mutation Cor168.png The boy resisted desperately, that the love in his heart may survive. But his transformation was all but inevitable. tsuda jiro

Day of Nightmares Card Pack

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Jill, Seeker of Truth Don016.png Whatever fresh hell the world has waiting for her, Jill won't stop until she finds the answers she seeks. Qi Wu
Claire Redfield Don014.png Every step Claire takes through the corpse-ridden streets, blood-splattered police station, and rancid sewers is a step closer to her brother. Howard Pak
Carlos Oliveira Don008.png Carlos faces any threat with a cool head and a sexy accent. Silviu Sadoschi
Leon S. Kennedy Don006.png You learn a lot on the first day of your job. In Leon's case, that he can survive a zombie-infested hellscape. Javier Charro
Cower Don020.png Fear. The seasoned mercenary thought he was done with that. But then death stood before him. Antonio Staepperts
Dee-Ay Don036.png On the battlefield, no resource is off limits, even if that resource was once a human being. Stefan Atanasov
Sherry Birkin Don039.png Sherry might have escaped her tormentor, but the nightmare goes on. Who will she run into next? A new monster, or someone who can help? Saw San San, Stephen Yeoh Di Zhuan
Willow Don033.png Before demanding perfecting, one must first display it. Given Willow's ability to complete her mission with a single knife, she can demand whatever she wants. Natasha Nanook
Harley Don027.png No wound is too deep for a first-aid spray to heal, and Harley stocks plenty— no time for dying on the battle field. Yernata Mukhanzharova
Shona Don029.png Shona is no stranger to death or the battlefield, and he uses that experience to keep others alive. Tomasz Jedruszek
Party Girl Don030.png On the battlefield, keeping track of the enemy is important, but then so is keeping track of yourself. Don't let yourself get caught up in the bloodlust. Tomasz Jedruszek
Tweed Don031.png Sometimes a complicated battle requires a simple solution. This is where Tweed steps in, traps at the ready. Oleg Kapustin
Defensive Formation Don044.png In battle, rarely does everything go according to plan. When the unit find themselves overwhelmed, they retreat and get ready to counter. Romanov Pavel
Besieged Don045.png All sights are fixed on the creature known as the Tyrant. Each pull of the trigger is a desperate attempt to take down their target. David Gaillet
Hunk, The Grim Reaper Don066.png Not much is known about this Umbrella assassin, except for the fact he knows how to escape a tight spot, and he wants info on his extraction point now. Oleg Kapustin
Lupo Don060.png Lupo is top dog in the Wolfpack. Once she has her prey in her sights, they're as good as dead. Timur Shevtsov
Vector Don063.png Vector is a master assassin who creeps up on his targets using invisibility. By the time his victims realize he's there, his knife has already done its job. Tam Jian Ru
Beltway Don052.png Beltway's love of explosives might seem twisted, but he just wants to let his enemies go out with a bang. Javier Charro
Four Eyes Don053.png For some, the horrors of Raccoon City would be too much, but for the sadistic virologist Four Eyes the city is a playground of possibility. Nikita Volobuev
Ada Wong Don054.png Where does Ada Wong's allegiance lie? Given her cold demanor, fearless atitude, and deadly aim, you'd better hope she's on the side of good. Charlie Bowater
Ada Wong Don054 sct.gif I'll be damned if I'm going to die here. I still have unfinished business. Chee Kok Seong, Tam Jian Ru, Stephen Yeoh Di Zhuan
Spectre Don055.png The only reason you know for sure Spectre isn't watching you right now is that you're still alive. Javier Charro
Bertha Don061.png Bertha is a master of pain. Death is kinder to patients than she is. Pius Pranoto
Monstrous Virus Don075.png He injected himself with the virus so he could survive. But in doing so, he lost his humanity and turned into a monster... Ilya Bondarenko
Sacrificial Pawn Don069.png A howl rings out amongst the bloodshed. Soon you will know why they call them wolves. Bogdan Marica
Reconnaissance Don068.png He observes the bioweapons with evil eyes. This surveilance expert won't allow any of them to get away. Nikita Volobuev
Deadly Trap Don073.png He could barely contain his joy. The moment an enemy steps into the alley... Wong Tuck Wai
Nemesis-T Type Don091.png S.T.A.R.S. Yernata Mukhanzharova
Tyrant (T-103) Don089.png Boy, do the people of Raccoon City have it rough.

As if zombies weren't enough they now have to deal with a hulking bioweapon in a trench coat.

Stephen Yeoh Di Zhuan
Lim Chiak Lee
Albert Wesker Don090.png A victim of his own madness, Wesker sought to create a superior human race, but ended up anything but human. Pablo Fernandez
Albert Wesker Don090 sct.gif Wesker somehow returns from the brink of death. What does he see with those evil eyes...? Stephen Yeoh Di Zhuan, Tam Jian Ru
G-Adult Don079.png A monstrous life-form, the G-Adult gives birth to countless deadly creatures. Its growth and reproductive abilities make it a threat to all life. Anthony Star
William Birkin: G1 Don083.png Those who choose to defy death are doomed to long for it. Not even bullets can stop Willian now— or at least what's left of him. Antonio Stappaerts
Licker Don080.png This hideous creature is deadly but blind, so stay silent... Easier said than done when its snake-like tongue is two inches away from your face. Natasha Nanook
Sliding Worm Don081.png Sliding worms are parasitic creatures that burst forth from gruesome eggs.

They feast on human blood and grow into something even more horrifying.

Ilya Bodaykin
Nicholai Ginovaef Don085.png Though a capable mercenary, Nicholai would sell his sould for personla gain— and he's throw his comrades into the bargain too. Silviu Sadoschi
Living Death Don100.png Your instinct tells you to run, but those empty eyes seem to call out to you... "Join us..." Faisal Fikri
Diseased Souls Don098.png The virus changed everything. Death is only the beginning of a never-ending nightmare. Tam Jian Ru
The Ultimate Price Don093.png Betrayed by a comrade... But if he's going out, it's going to be on his terms... He pulls the pin... And lets the light take him... Faisal Fikri
Hatred Reborn Don095.png In the darkness, leeches take over the corpse of the murdered founder, until he and his malignant hatred breathe once more. Arif Wijaya

The following cards can be discovered by playing other cards, discovered cards can only be used on the current battle.

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Combo T013.png Discharging rounds releases blinding flashes of light, illuminating the terrifying enemy before you. Anthony Star
Stealth T020.png He uses advanced technology to disappear, and a sharp knife to dispose of his targets. Gabriel Rubio
Corrosion T029.png Once the abyss takes hold of the soul, not even the gods can save you. Natasha Nanook
Weakness T021.png Choose the best option from the choices you have. Survival means carefully considering all available options. Silviu Sadoschi
Cruelty T028.png A dark shadow appears, following the blood. It was just a small wound, but it may still prove fatal. Timur Shevtsov
Bioweapon Capsule T023.png Though a baby may lie within that cradle, it is not innocent. Its birth will unleash the fury of hell. Brian Fajardo
Brutal Bioweapon Cor151.png Dark power created a biological weapon with the characteristics of reptiles and adaptability of humans. yusuke osanai
Super Tyrant (T-103) T026-0.png Evolution in key to survival, and the T-103's new form places it firmly on top of the food chain. Stephen Yeoh Di Zhuan
G-Young T024.png It does not breed. It does not grow. It only feasts on human flesh. Is this the harbinger of human extinction? Brian Fajardo
Giant Infected Worm T025.png Consumed by an insatiable hunger, this mutated glutton burrows through the earth and with its slavering fangs snatches its prey from the surface. Ilya Bondarenko

The Devils Awaken Card Pack

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Billy Coen Tda010.png Out of the frying pan and into the fire,huh. But I'm getting out of here, no matter what. And I won't let you monsters stop me. Marat Ars
Brad Vickers Tda005.png The man ran as far as he could, but there was no escape from the thick stench of death. Fear took hold, and transformed his sense of duty into something twisted. Tim Mcburnie
Trust Amid Suspicion Tda023.png The wrong choice would mean her death. But her intuition was all that she could rely on. Her best option to survive-no regrets. Reiko Murakami
Grizzled Veteran Tda021.png Even if you strip him of his rank, nothing can take away the memories of the countless battles he has survived. No matter how difficult the situation, he will be ready for it. He will survive. Antonio J. Manzanedo
Barry Burton Tda035.png He was skilled with firearms, humane, and just. When people talked about him, they would all say the same thing: "There is no man whom I would feel safer with." Vanta Ket
Rebecca Chambers Tda030.png The situation had escalated beyond their wildest predictions. So many lives lost. But she would not give up. Swallowing her fear, she turned to face the waking nightmare. Reiko Murakami
Rebecca Chambers Tda030 sct.gif Rebecca Chambers... An invaluable asset. If she were to somehow be captured and turned against us, it would be impossible to gauge the threat that she would pose. Satoru Senda
Mixed Medicine Tda045.png To maximize one's chances of survival, one must have a great deal of knowledge and experience. Having the intuition to make the right decisions helps as well. Akim Kaliberda
Skulduggery Tda072.png It is easy to predict the actions of a man at the mercy of his ego. Her job was to simply give him a gentle push. Every story has its end. Vincent
Stinger Tda086.png Its sturdy outer shell deflects bullets like they were mere droplets of rain. The true threat, however, droops over its back—waiting to deliver death in a single strike. Ibrahem Swaid
Ivy Tda079.png This vegetation has been brought to life with a maddened sapience, transforming it into an aberration that feeds on living creatures. Anthony Star
Eliminator Tda080.png No prey can stay hidden from this creature's sharp senses for long. Nothing can withstand a lashing from its brutal claws. Oleg Kapustin
Infected Bat Tda081.png A massive shadow swoops down from seemingly nowhere. The creature's wings have grown to a freakish size, making escape impossible for those trapped on the ground. Denis Rootski
Desperate Act Tda098.png An impossible debt. One last gift from the dying. From death, something monstrous is reborn—its anguish a weapon against the harbinger of destruction. Konsta Nikkilä
The Tyrant Unleashed Tda096.png Unleashed, disaster-made-flesh walks; its scythe-like talons slaughtering all who stand before it. Try as you may, there is nowhere to run that it cannot reach. Andrey Kuzinskiy

The Force Seekers Card Pack

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Steve Burnside Tfs011.png The two golden guns he carries are the mark of his determination.
'I want to protect her most of all.'
His desire gave him limitless strength, allowing him to carve a path forward.
Dmitry Bolotov
Incineration Tfs019.png The nightmarish corpses burned in the fire... The flames consumed their guilt, and her fear. Nikita Volobuev
Rodrigo Juan Raval Tfs031.png He had passed the torch of hope onward. As his consciousness started to fade, he thought he could see his lost family... or was it merely a trick of the light? Tim Mcburnie
Cunning Misdirection Tfs047.png Just one lick is enough to silence the intruders. Their next sound will be their cries of death. Anthony Star
Ceasefire Tfs075.png Their shadowy figures in the ruins seemed to blend into the darkness of the ruins at night.

There was nothing to fear.
"Out in the dark? Then I'll make you dance in the moonlight."

Satoru Senda
Alexia Ashford Tfs089.png Even when transformed, she kept her beauty and intelligence. This being that surpasses humanity will bathe the world in flames. Vincent
Alexia Ashford Tfs089 sct.png Not even an icy slumber could extinguish the smoldering flame within her. With her sense of self restored, she burned away her body, revealing her true form. Tan Yu Chi, Saw San San
Alfred Ashford Tfs084.png He'd already shot his prey.
What a delightful sport!
As the man gazed down the sights,
his eyes shone with madness.
Nosferatu Tfs085.png A surge of madness and destruction erupts from his body. The poison mist he spews brings indiscriminate death. Marianne Martin
Bandersnatch Tfs080.png The right arm of this creature has undergone an explosive evolution, leaving the rest of its body to atrophy. But one full-force strike with its overgrown limb is more than enough to flatten any foe. Kirillova Polina
Cruel Game Tfs100.png A game has no purpose other than pleasure. Unnecessary pieces are to be discarded without a second thought. Alexey Gorbatov
Ant Queen's Caress Tfs095.png The ant queen shows no forgiveness to those who intrude on her nest. Her loyal servants will capture any foolish interlopers, and bring them before her for judgment. Daniel Lucas Hodge
Fate of the Unworthy Tfs099.png The unworthy are coerced into leaving. There is no escape from the belly of the all-devouring snake. Temosi
Fate of the Unworthy Tfs099 sct.png There is no mercy for those not chosen. A frantic denial, met with a cold stare: "You don't even realize that you too are unworthy." Antonio J. Manzanedo

Haunted by Memories Card Pack

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Veteran Agent Leon Hbm011.png The crystallization of ancient wisdom blocks the intruder's path. Life of death. A split-second decision will decide his fate. Francis Tneh
Veteran Agent Leon Hbm011 sct.png No matter how much they wear him down, the spark of justice in his eyes will never fade. It is this determination that drives him. pin
Marvin Branagh Hbm007.png There was little time left until the flame of life waned. Having chosen his path, all he could do was pass the light of hope to another. Natasha Nanook
Ashley Graham Hbm001.png As long as light remains in her heart, the darkness will never could her eyes, even in the abyss of despair. She runs and runs, in pursuit of life itself. Tropa Entertainment
Ashley Graham Hbm001 sct.gif "If I wear invincible armor, there's nothing to fear! H-hey, stop! What are you doing!? Put me down!" Thanh Tuan
Agent's Memories Hbm025.png The errors of youth lurked at the back of the veteran warrior's mind. Remorse followed. But he knew that the struggles of the past made him the man he is today. Lius Lasahido
Rescuer's Bullet Hbm020.png To leave your back unguarded to another, you must recognize each other's strength. And yet, their fellowship was but a distant memory... Marat Ars
Incendiary Device Hbm017.png The opportunity for victory in the midst of mortal danger was only there for an instant. In a single moment, crimson flames engulfed everything, their heat revealing the true form of evil. Alexey Gorbatov
Blockade Strike Hbm019.png As long as you come back alive, the ends justify the means. Even if that entails striking down those without sin, former allies, or civilians you should protect... Satoru Senda
Blockade Strike Hbm019 sct.png She slammed down the shutter with all her might.

She couldn't let any more of them in.
This was the last line of defense.

Fateful Blood-Fire Hbm013.png The released blood burst into flames, burning away the monstrosity. Life itself served as fuel for the fire... Kirillova Polina
Sherry Birkin Hbm034.png What is right and what is wrong? Know yourself and know these answers. She no longer had any hesitation about pulling the trigger. Thanh Tuan
Jake Muller & Mercenary by Blood Hbm033.png He didn't even give them time to pray. That was the mercenary's style: seize the first opportunity to dispatch the target. All he believed in was his skills and the cold, hard cash his talents earned him. Thanh Tuan
Luis Sera Hbm031.png 'I'm tired of thankless work. Being the good guy just isn't worth it.' He smirked, in his wry, self-deprecating way. Akim Kaliberda
Seeds of Righteousness Hbm046.png She evaded the giant's attack and continued to run. The young girl who only knew how to flee had grown into a woman who knew hot to fight. Antonio J. Manzanedo
Manuela Hidalgo Hbm055.png Layers of white cloth cover her hidden soul. Turned to the darkness, her eyes see only memories of blood. pin
Exposed Evil Eye Hbm062.png An artificial eye that perceives all the laws of the world. It lays bare the memories and emotions that slumber deep in the hearts of people, no matter how well hidden they are. Surely this will reveal— Yernata Mukhanzharova
Exposed Evil Eye Hbm062 sct.gif An artificial eye that perceives all the laws of the world. It lays bare the memories and emotions that slumber deep in the hearts of people, no matter how well hidden they are. Surely this will reveal— Yernata Mukhanzharova
Lullaby Hbm064.png The girl's lullaby resonated in the silence. Perhaps even the monstrosities would be moved by her beautiful song... Ilya Bodaykin
Jack Krauser Hbm086.png The man grinned with joy at the fatal duel. Both fighters knew exactly what the other wanted. The hunt of the two beasts had begun. Pablo Fernandez
Hilda Hidalgo Hbm084.png Transformed into a miserable creature, the woman's hands scrabbled for prey. Those she ensnares will have their lives cut short by dark fangs. David Nakayama
Bitores Mendez Hbm080.png "There is no forgiving those who violate order in the village. This is my law, and I am the law. I will mete out justice by my strength alone." Didier Nguyen
Uncontrollable Outbreak Hbm098.png They were both prepated. But his finger on the trigger trembled, holding out for a sliver of hope... even though despair was all his eyes could see. Satoru Senda
Estranged Parent Hbm092.png 'Why? Why?' There was no one left to answer. All that came from what was once her father was a roar of fear and despair. Antonio J. Manzanedo
Inhuman Power Hbm093.png The man reveled in his newfound power. Those with power must change the world. His heart swelling with warped pride, he brandished his monstrous blade. Marat Ars
Conspirator's Speech Hbm089.png "To protect the people, to protect the village, we must have strong laws and minds. Know that doubt and hesitation are signs of weakness. Everything is for our future and for our master." Andrey Kuzinskiy

Adventures of a Tiny Hero Pack

Note: All of the Flavor Texts in this expansion are told from the perspective of Felyne.

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Sheva Alomar Ath012.png She's got a Felyne grace that puts even me to shame! I hear she's a real crack shot, too. Akagi
Josh Stone Ath002.png The trusty captain! I mean, I guess you can count on Nero too, but this guy seems a lot more furr-iendly. Ibrahim Swaid
Coordinated Fire Ath019.png "I'll show them what I can do!" ...I thought, but in the end, the enemy couldn't even get close to us. When do I get to strut my stuff!? Antonio Stappaerts
Unwavering Justice Chris Ath042.png *gulp* That was one incredible fight! He was so strong and agile, he put the top-ranking hunters to shame! I bet that was one of those destined battles I've heard so much about! Nikita Volobuev
Wasp Ath028.png I guess it is on the large side, but I thought it was just an ordinary bug! Good thing they told me it's got a horrible disease before I got too close! Ilya Bodaykin
Plant 42 Ath030.png I've heard about these! They say furr-st thing you notice is drops of water furr-om the ceiling, and then when you look up, you'll be yanked into the air by slimy tendrils! Anastasia Shiyankova
Giant Moth Ath052.png Watch out for that giant bug! Let's just say there's a reason it doesn't get eaten by meownsters. Why don't they eat Nero instead? I don't know, maybe he doesn't taste good. Yernata Mukhanzharova
Steel Headsman Verdugo Ath092.png I heard he was kind of like a Palico, but he was working for a bad guy. I guess a good Palico always sticks with their meowster... but if your meowster's doing bad things, then a real Palico would put a stop to it! Marat Ars
Excella Gionne Ath088.png My whiskers are tingling... There's something unsettling about her. She looks well off, but she smells like trouble. Kuroiwa Enu
Executioner Majini Ath089.png Yikes! That axe of his nearly took my head clean off my shoulders! Ooh, just looking at it makes my blood run cold... IWATAKE TOMOYUKI
Executioner Majini Ath089 sct.png He's chasing me! Keep him away! He's oing to chop me in two with his Charge Blade or whatever that is! Vanta Ket
Popokarimu Ath090.png I've never seen a meownster like this before! Id-don't think I can deal with this one alone... Nero! Save me! Antonio J. Manzanedo
Ndesu Ath082.png You've gotta be kitten me! No matter how much I hit this thing, it won't go down! I think it might be better to make a run for it! Anthony Star
Indigenous Majini Ath083.png Something's controlling him... I wish I could lend him a helping paw, but I think it might be too late to save him. Çağlayan K. Göksoy
Kipepeo Ath084.png I've seen these before! They're the ones who are controlling people! I saw one bursting out from someone under its control! Arif Wijaya
Ricardo Irving Ath086.png I've got him all figured meowt. He's the ringleader of the baddies, no doubt about it! It's his fault that so many people are acting weird! Ilya Bodaykin
Zealot Ath077.png I heard they're infected with some scary parasite, and there's no bringing them back to normal... Brr, that shivers down my whiskers! Oleg Kapustin
Adjule Ath078.png Ugh, why'd you have to remind me? I can still see it popping its head open before it tried to take a bite out of me! Kyxarie Peralta
Return of the Heretics Ath100.png Hey, Nero... What are those people doing? They all keep muttering "Nevan" over and over again... Marat Ars
Death's Executioner Ath098.png Nero! Hold on! I'm coming to save you-
Well, excuse me for trying to help!
Andrey Kuzinskiy
Hidden Parasite Ath097.png Yikes! My heart skipped a beat there! Still, now I know what's really going on here.. Those people were being controlled! Tommy Wirawan
Cursed Choice Ath093.png Why am I stuck with all these stone-faced old men? No girls in sight, and I'm the youngest one here... If we come under attack, I'm making a run for it as soon as pawsible! Julien Vandois
Gathering Malice Ath095.png I was so scared back then... I was surrounded by baddies and it seemed like my nine lives were up. I don't want to think about [what] would have happened if Nero didn't show up. Julien Vandois & Mare Fereirra

A Dark Agenda Pack

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Jill Valentine Ada012.png There's no time for hesitation. To escape the surging flames, she chose to hold onto the faintest glimmer of hope, and flung herself into the dark night. Lasahido
Brad Vickers Ada009.png "There's no saving me."

Realizing that the end had come, the man readily gave the last moments of his life to allow his allies time to escape.

Kyxarie Peralta
Carlos Oliveira Ada004.png He won't give up, no matter what, if it means saving just one more life. Event if he has to take on an entire horde of the dead... Javier Charro
Tyrell Patrick Ada005.png The stalwart supporter was reaching his breaking point. Be he was the only one up to the task, and this was his time to show what he could do. Pablo Hurtado de Mendoza
Collapse of Negotiations Ada024.png The rivals' warrior blood stirred as they confronted on another. A vortext of slashing blades met with a hail of bullets, and the battle blazed on with white-hot fury. Francis Tneh
Controlling the Satsui Ada021.png "I... I will not give in to its power."

The murderous spirit within threatened to break loose at any moment, and the woman's grin was like a brand on his back. Now, the master of martial arts would truly be tested.

Rekindling of Life Ada022.png "Return, O wyvern lord of the skies."

The pulse of life darted from the tip of the dagger.
"You still have a part to play."

Lee Woo-Chul
Desperate Struggle Ada018.png Though engulfed in flames, still the creature's advance would not stop. It drew closed and closer, like despair made manifest—like spine-chilling fear incarnate. Satoru Senda
Thorough Investigation Ada019.png The woman was hardly so weak-willed as to give in after a single failure.

"I will succeed next time, I swear it. And I will do whatever it takes."

Contact with the Divine Ada017.png The enshrined statue was unmistakably that of the great goddess, who, with a stroke of her brush, could rewrite the laws of nature. Such power will be useful indeed... The woman's lips curled into a sinister smirk. Lina Phantom
Chris Redfield Ada031.png It was a gamble, plain and simple. But even if the odds were against him, there was no other way to save her.

The enemy was already upon her.

Satoshi Ito
Robert Kendo Ada029.png He had lived a peaceful, normal life until yesterday. But now the world has changed.

The peace he once knew is no more.

Nikita Volobuev
Stimulating Supper Ada049.png Her heart pounds wildly in her chest.

Her goal: Recover the phantom beast's horn.
But... Can she do it and get out alive?

Stephen Yeoh Di Zhuan
Mission or Machination Ada046.png The blue Reploid's determination and his feelings toward the future he had been entrusted with...

Were these even real? He still did not know.

Lim Chiak Lee
Suspicious Request Ada047.png In this line of business, there's always more to the story. You want me to go take a shot at this elder dragon of yours?

Fine, I'll stick around for as long as it keeps me entertained.

Kuroiwa Enu
Manipulated Justice Ada048.png It's the police's duty to protect civilians.

You'll protect me, won't you?
I'm just a weak, ordinary citizen...
Or at least, I am for now.

Tragic Outcome Ada043.png He dreamed of a better future.

For a moment, happier days were within his grasp. Seeing his suffering daughter, the man wept silently.

Javier Charro
It's That Thief! Ada044.png Now I've got you! Think you can just purrloin my treasure and get away with it, do you?

Well, I'll have it back right now, thank mew very much! ...What's so funny!?

Well-Laid Trap Ada045.png It wasn't that he'd dropped his guard.

It was simply that his opponent had the upper hand all along. And yet, the humiliation of being outwitted gnawed at his heart.

First Aid Spray Ada039.png Though only intended for basic first aid, it should still bring some relief. On the battlefield, even such mall comforst can determinte one's fate. Yernata Mukhanzharova
Subtle Butterfly Ada Ada063.png She would use anything she could take advantage of, even unknown creatures. If it will serve her objective, why not let them run rampant? Saw San San, Chong Fei Kang
Nathaniel Bard Ada051.png Success! I've done it!

It's finally finished! Now I have nothing to fear... I truly am a genius!

Kyxarie Peralta
Annette Birkin Ada054.png As her consciousness faded, she used the last of her strength to pull the trigger. She would not yield this greatest of masterpieces to the villains... A tragic last defiance carried on the sound of gunfire. Yernata Mukhanzharova
Hidden Disloyalty Ada074.png Her face shrouded in shadow, her lips slowly spread into a confident smile. She disappeared into the darkness with her secrets, her true intentions unknown to all. Lee Woo-Chul
Job for the Assassin Ada071.png The assassin's lips curled into a dark smile as the job came in. His heart pounded—soon he would have the battle to the death that he so craved. Yu Cheng Hong
Memory Control Ada073.png "Have you forgotten? Then remember.

You exist to break, crush, and dominate..."
The destructive curse inherited so long ago bared its fangs.

Wong Tuck Wai, Chong Fei Kang
Twisted Marriage Ada068.png I don't know where I went astray, but this is all I have now. Please, forgive me.

I love you...William.

Andrey Kuzinskiy
Acting in Secret Ada064.png She'd discarded her true name long ago and played the part of so many characters since.

"Who am I really?"

Acting in Secret Ada064 sct.gif She'd discarded her true name long ago and played the part of so many characters since.

"Who am I really?"

Vaccine Sample Ada065.png There was only one way to escape the dark curse that consumed its victims' bodies. Though the vaccine would take effect immediately, there was only a single dose. Only enough to save one person. Pablo Hurtado de Mendoza
EMF Visualizer Ada066.png The device picked up a faint electromagnetic field. A projection of the hidden wiring revealed the blood vessels of the building. Cory Trego-Erdner
Albert Wesker Ada085.png He would make any sacrifice to bring everyone into his perfect world. Is there no one who can see the wickedness hidden in his mercy? Marat Ars
Sergei Vladimir Ada082.png His body devoted itself to pain, acquiring perfect adaptability. This was a blessing from the new world...a gospel to reach the ultimate pain. Marcus Reyno
Twin Tyrants & Ivan Ada077.png Those who defy the master must be struck down. Smash them. Break them. Maul them.

No matter where they run, they cannot hide forever.

Cory Trego-Erdner
Hunter γ Ada084.png The quiet sound of breathing could be heard in the dark sewers. The ferocious hunter spotted its prey...and something resembling a smile crossed its monstrous features. Jun Ishimaru
Nemesis T-Type Ada076.png Surrounded by a cage of flames, he grinned, certain of his victory...unaware that destruction was already upon him. Tuan Nguyen
Drain Deimos & Dark Parasite Ada078.png Food, food has come! Suck out the brains, sup on the spinal lay more eggs, to birth more young... Çağlayan K. Göksoy
Oswell E. Spencer Ada079.png A new dawn... A new mankind.

The pitiful old man spoke with pride, as if he had the right to become a god.

Javier Charro
Dreadful Business Ada099.png There is no need for superficial words.

No matter what her true intentions may be, if she has some value as a tool, then she should be put to use.

Marat Ars
Chains of Fate Ada097.png The two smiled at the encounter, which was at once murderous and a reminder of days gone by.

Though the encounter meant different things to each of them, they both knew how it must end.

Yu Cheng Hong
Death Match Invitation Ada098.png Have the strong fight each other, then swoop in when then time is ripe. Doubt me if you must, but I will be the one laughing in the end.

They are all dancing in the palm of my hand.

Parasites Ada093.png The mass of parasites writhe in darkness.

The fate that awaits their captured prey is obvious, but it will not be a merciful death.

Punishment for Betrayal Ada094.png After stepping over countless corpses, he came face to face with a man he called an ally.

But now it seems their partnership has come to an end. The collapse of Umbrella has begun.

Anthony Star
Flanking Maneuver Ada095.png The demon's destructive urge roared like fire as he sought a battle to death with his foes, who showed no sign of shrinking from the Satsui no Hado.
"My fists will destroy you!"
Antonio J. Manzanedo
Lord of the Sewers Ada089.png A twisted lifeform that inhabits the sewers.

This rampaging ugliness born of human foolishness engulfs everything that moves, devouring its victims whole.

Çağlayan K. Göksoy
Supply Case Ada090.png A mysterious black box found after a deadly battle with the pursuer. This could be the ke to survival... Pablo Hurtado de Mendoza
Truth Revealed Ada091.png He calls himself a god.

The man who once stood at the apex had been brought to a violent end by a human monster. Now the sun rises on a new god who will inherit creation.

Tim Mcburnie

Ace vs. The People Pack

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Regenerator Avp079.png It might not look special at first, but its powers are the real deal. It can regrow its body parts, making it impossible to leave lasting damae on it! Not even the Steel Samurai's Samurai Spear stands a chance against this thing... I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Jun Ishimaru


Name Image
Ready for Battle Ready-for-Battle-Wesker.png
Bleached Hair TEPPEN - Jil's Bleached Hair skin.png


These soundtracks can be purchased in-game with "Souls" and can be selected for the background music during matches.

Name Spotify Preview
Looming Dread

Further notes

The last scene in Jill's story mode.

  • In Wesker's story mode, the fact that Wesker wants to replace his body is reminiscent to the plot within Resident Evil: Revelations 2, where Alex Wesker abducted multiple subjects in order to use one of them as a vessel so that she can transfer her mind to the subject's body.
  • The last scene during Wesker's story mode has a hidden Umbrella logo on the floor.
  • The "Dark Destruction" Hero Art seems to be based on one of the attacks Wesker can do during the final boss battle in Resident Evil 5. He also performs a similar move during Jill's story.
  • The last scene during Jill's story mode seems to be based off of the intro cutscene in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.
  • The first scene during Ada's story mode is based off of the Chapter 5-3 scene 1 in Resident Evil 4.

The first scene in Ada's story mode.




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