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TEPPEN is a mobile franchise cross-over game by Capcom and GungHo.[1] It features Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine and Ada Wong as Hero characters and multiple cards which feature characters, creatures and items from the Resident Evil franchise.


See Hero Story (Teppen)

Hero Information[]

Albert Wesker[]

ALBERT WESKER - Resident Evil
Known for his medical breakthroughs at a large corporation, Wesker was also secretly developing biological weapons. He works in the shadows to accomplish his mission, ensuring nobody else will uncover [sic] his secret.[5]

Element: Teppen-icon-attribute-black


#01. Dark Destruction
#02. Uroboros
#03. Bringer of Nightmares

Jill Valentine[]

JILL VALENTINE - Resident Evil
Jill was part of a special operations task force that was taken down by a traitor within its ranks. She sets out after the traitor and the association behind the incident, but it leads to the creation of an all-new nightmare.[6]

Element: Teppen-icon-attribute-red


#01. Ultimate Weapon
#02. Genesis
#03. Antibody Activation

Ada Wong[]

ADA WONG - Resident Evil
An elusive spy whose intentions and true identity remain a mystery. She carries out her work with an almost clinical detachment. Having cast off her black robe, she appears before the heroes as her secret plan enters its final stage.[7]

Element: Teppen-icon-attribute-purple


#01. Blackout
#02. Mirage Decoy
#03. Break Away

Card list[]

See Cards (Teppen)


Name Image
Ready for Battle Ready-for-Battle-Wesker
Bleached Hair TEPPEN - Jil's Bleached Hair skin
Black Dress Teppen Ada Black Dress


These soundtracks can be purchased in-game with "Souls" and can be selected for the background music during matches.

Name Spotify Preview
Looming Dread

Further notes[]

TEPPEN Jill story 3

The last scene in Jill's story mode.

  • In Wesker's story mode, the fact that Wesker wants to replace his body is reminiscent to the plot within Resident Evil: Revelations 2, where Alex Wesker abducted multiple subjects in order to use one of them as a vessel so that she can transfer her mind to the subject's body.
  • The last scene during Wesker's story mode has a hidden Umbrella logo on the floor.
  • The "Dark Destruction" Hero Art seems to be based on one of the attacks Wesker can do during the final boss battle in Resident Evil 5. He also performs a similar move during Jill's story.
  • The last scene during Jill's story mode seems to be based off of the intro cutscene in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.
  • The first scene during Ada's story mode is based off of the Chapter 5-3 scene 1 in Resident Evil 4.
TEPPEN Ada story 3

The first scene in Ada's story mode.




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