"New developed special alloy. It cannot be detected by a metal detector."
— Item examination - English
"新開発の特殊合金 金属探知に反応しない特性がある "
— Item examination - Japanese

The TG-01 is a key item in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica. It is an experimental metal Alloy, TG-01 could not be detected by any metal detectors, or be pictured by roentgenography at the immigration check. It was also lightweight, yet durable. It was planned to develop this alloy for various weapons.

The only known existing sample was transported by Carl Grisham to the Rockfort Island prison complex. However, the day coincided with the Bio-Attack by HCF. The car crashed through a wall, killing Carl. Shortly after, a surge of electricity made contact with the leaking fuel, engulfing the vehicle in fire.


The alloy managed to survive, hidden in a suitcase just at the edge of the flames. Claire Redfield used it to make a copy of an emblem to open a door. The real Emblem could not be taken with her as a metal detector would shut the area down, stopping it from being used.


The TG-01 and its file description is stored inside a briefcase that was found by Claire at the cemetery of the Rockfort Island.




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