The TMP is a special weapon featured in Resident Evil 4. It also has a purchasable stock that makes it easier to aim. The TMP is also upgradeable which players can enhance its performance to face tougher enemies.


In the main game, the TMP can be bought from the Merchant as soon as they meet him. It costs 15,000₧ in the GameCube's US and Japanese versions but only 10,000₧ in the PAL version and all later ports. The weapon takes up 6 spaces (3x2) of inventory. It fires its own type of 9mm rounds called TMP Ammo, which is identifiable by its blue box.

A custom stock can be equipped to the TMP. It is available in Chapter 1-3 and onwards for 4,000₧. The stock takes up an additional 4 spaces (2x2). The stock reduces recoil and improves accuracy.

Without the stock mounted, the TMP is fired from the shooter's hip, resulting in poor accuracy, while the stock allows the shooter to shoulder the weapon, resulting in a noticeable increase in accuracy and making it easier to control the weapon's recoil. The stock also allows the player to aim over obstacles that would normally obstruct the TMP's fire when aiming from the hip.

The TMP is the only fully automatic weapon available at first, making it useful to attack multiple enemies. Its drawbacks are the very weak firepower and stopping power and its ammo is uncommon. If the player is not careful, they could use all ammunition very quickly. Also, the laser is hard to keep track of while firing full-auto.

The TMP is a weapon most useful when dealing with mass amounts of Ganado attacking the player. Its fast fire rate allows the player to clear out most, if not all, enemies in the area.

Ada Wong is seen using this weapon in a cutscene. Krauser uses a slightly customized TMP (that is capable of destroying the cover lining the area) during his fight against Leon.

The TMP also appears in Ada's inventory in the Assignment: Ada minigame, and is also purchasable during Separate Ways. Also, in a cutscene, Ada sees Leon fighting a group of Ganado with a TMP in the room with the rocket launcher on display before he meets up with Luis Sera, even though it is completely optional for the player to do so in the game.

In the Mercenaries minigame, Ada again has this in her inventory. A different version of the weapon, called Custom TMP, is used by HUNK in the minigame. The TMP is also featured in the Rapid Fire weapon set in the Shooting Range minigame.

Tune up chart

Fire Speed and Reload Speed are given in seconds.

The TMP takes a total of 335,000₧ to buy and fully upgrade in the GameCube version (339,000₧ including the stock). In all ports, it takes 330,000₧ to buy and fully upgrade (334,000₧ including the stock).

Lv Firepower Cost Firing Speed Cost Reload Speed Cost Capacity Cost
1 0.4 N/A 0.10 N/A 2.37 N/A 30 N/A
2 0.5 7,000₧ 1.93 5,000₧ 50 7,000₧
3 0.6 14,000₧ 1.17 15,000₧ 100 15,000₧
4 0.8 18,000₧ 150 20,000₧
5 1.0 24,000₧ 200 25,000₧
6 1.2 35,000₧ 250 35,000₧
Exclusive 1.8 100,000₧


  • Examine Description: TMP
"A fully-automatic machine pistol. Fires custom 9mm's."
  • Examine Description: TMP w/ Stock
"A fully-automatic machine pistol equipped with a stock."
  • Examine Description: Stock (TMP)
"A stock for the 9mm fully-auto TMP. Absorbs and spreads out 80% of the recoil forces for increased shooting stability and comfort."


  • When fully upgraded, the TMP can become one of your greatest assets. At 1.8 damage per shot (effectively 18.0 damage per second), it is well used for mowing down large groups of enemies when in a desperate situation or to defeat a boss quickly.
  • With its high rate of fire and extremely large magazine (when fully or even partially upgraded), the TMP is especially suited to battling packs of dogs, along with shotguns. 
  • If it is not fully upgraded, it is better used for locks or nests as its capacity may not be sufficient at first. It is a weak base weapon at a mere 0.4 firepower.
  • Capacity upgrades can be saved for when the player runs out of ammo to reap the benefit of the free ammo given from the upgrades.
  • It is recommended to be used against El Gigante, U3, Novistadores and against the Jack Krauser boss fight. During the last, players would have to shoot at his feet in order to stun him, allowing the player to shoot or knife his head.
  • While playing Separate Ways, it is not recommended to use it against Saddler as he will absorb and shoot the bullets back at the players.

Further Notes

  • In the beta version of Resident Evil 4, the TMP could be found in the same place where Leon finds the first Elegant Mask. You could also buy a silencer for it but this was removed in the final version of the game. This could explain why the end of the TMP's barrel is threaded. The threaded end of the barrel is also visible in certain cutscenes such as when Ada fires her TMP at Saddler.
  • The in-game TMP has a red contrast insert on the front sight. This is visible upon close inspection in the inventory, and can more easily be seen in the cutscene where Ada shoots Saddler with her TMP.
  • In the Merchant's shooting ranges, a TMP with wooden grips can be seen hanging on the wall.
  • In The Umbrella Chronicles, HUNK uses the standard TMP as opposed to the Custom TMP during the Fourth Survivor segment. Soldiers on the helicopter during the "Umbrella's End" mission are also seen carrying this weapon. The soldiers traveling with Chris and Jill to the Umbrella Caucasus BOW facility in Russia are also armed with TMPs.
  • The TMP, when equipped with a stock, is the only weapon capable of shooting breakable locks off of doors from the opposite side of the door (This exploit was corrected in the Wii and HD versions of Resident Evil 4). Specifically, it can be used in the castle three times:
    • Before the player reaches the gardens, they can shoot the lock off of the door leading into the offset from the room where the "Final Supper" puzzle can be completed, thereby skipping the entire maze and the subsequent encounter with Ada.
    • When the player reaches the area where they must acquire the Grails, the Queen's Grail can be obtained by simply shooting the lock off of the door that leads to the room containing it, effectively bypassing both the cutscene with Salazar and the Ashley entrapment obstacle.
    • When the player reaches the room with a rocket launcher on display., the lock can be shot off the door from the second floor (this particular location is next to useless).



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