"Custom 9mm ammunition."
— Item examination

TMP Ammo is an ammunition item within Resident Evil 4 used only with the TMP. This item is found in a few locations in the map, but can also be dropped by enemies in the game if the player have a TMP in inventory. Bullets can be sold to the merchant for 20₧ each.


Chapter 1

Chapter Room Bullets Notes
Chapter1-3 Village chief'shouse x50 In the second nest on the path back to the village
Cave x50 Inside barrel in back room of house

Chapter 2

Chapter Room Bullets Notes
Chapter2-1 Wetlands x50 Right box in the shack over water
Quarry x50 In the third hut
Village Center x50 Second floor of large building in glass cabinet
Chapter2-3 Besieged Cabin x50 On pile of logs by the doors
Road below the cliff x50 In first shed
Lift x50 By the merchant
Slaughterhouse x50 Next to the door
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